NBA 2K23: Season 6 release date, rewards, much more

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It is hard to believe that NBA 2K23 Season 5 is coming to an end. But with the end of a Season comes the start of another. Season 6 of NBA 2K23 will kick off on April 7, and there is tons of new content and rewards to get excited about for the upcoming season.

The full name of Season 6 is called, NBA 2K23 Season 6: Answer the Call to Greatness. Season 6 will be highlighted by two amazing athletes in Luka Doncic and Sue Bird. Luka Doncic is a current All-Star icon in the NBA, while Sue Bird is one of the best WNBA players of all time. These two athletes will represent the current generation and a generation of the past.

Here’s what players have to look forward to.

New content and Rewards in MyCareer

The start of the WNBA season and the NBA Playoffs are right around the corner. 2K has added in some new artwork in The City (New Gen) and the G.O.A.T Boat (Current Gen) that will surely get you hyped up for the NBA Playoffs.

My Career will also have tons of new apparel that you can work towards getting along with new rewards. Season 6 of NBA 2K23 will offer you 40 levels to progress through, while collecting rewards that are new in Season 6, along the way. As you progress through the various levels, you may find yourself running into new Jumpshot Meters and Player Banners. These are some of the smaller rewards. However, as your progress to higher levels, you will have the opportunity to unlock the Jetpack (Level 30 Next Gen), Glider (Level 40 Next Gen), and GOAT Mascot (Level 40 Current Gen). These rewards are just the tip of the iceberg as all the rewards can’t be spoiled right away. That would take the fun out of it and get rid of the anticipation.

There will be plenty of new Brands find their way into NBA 2K23 Season 6 as well. The NBA 2K franchise loves to add as many Brands as they can into their games. This way it gives the game a more realistic vibe, and you aren’t limited with customization options. You are free to create an athlete looking how you want them to look.

During Season 6, NBA 2K has partnered up with Homage and MAYDE to bring as many Brands to life as possible in the video game. Represent some of your favorite athletes, while also creating an athlete that is unique to who you are.