Resident Evil 4 Remake: How to get the Chicken Hat

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Although Resident Evil 4 Remake is a survival horror at its core, the game does have a fun side. The features a number of cosmetic items that Leon can wear in subsequent playthroughs, some of which provide stat boosts. One such item is the Chicken Hat, a rather silly-looking cosmetic that actually provides a decent benefit in the form of “greatly decreasing the amount of damage you receive.”

Unlocking the Chicken Hat in Resident Evil 4 Remake isn’t a complicated process per se, but it’s also not very easy. Follow this guide to unlock the Chicken Hat in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: How to get the Chicken Hat

The steps to unlocking the Chicken Hat in Resident Evil 4 Remake are pretty straightforward. It can be purchased from the extra content shop for 2,000 CP, but only after you complete the requirements to unlock it.

In order to unlock the Chicken Hat you must beat the game on Hardcore difficulty with an S+ rank. This means beating the game in under five hours and 30 minutes. This also has to be a completely new game playthrough, which means New Game+ won’t count since you’d be starting with the weapons and items from a previous run.

Like i said, not complicated, but certainly not easy by any means. Hardcore mode, as the name implies, makes everything more difficult. It’s the hardest mode that you can play on from the start of the game until you actually beat it once. In Hardcore mode, enemies hit harder and items at The Merchant cost more Pesetas.

Because of the difficulty of Hardcore mode, it’s recommended that you at least beat the game once in a normal playthrough. Once you know the ins and outs of the game, you’ll know what to expect and where to go, making it easier to beat the game in sub-five hours and 30 minutes.

Once you obtain an S+ rank on Hardcore, you can purchase the Chicken Hat from the extra content store and equip it on Leon.