How to Get Sammy Sosa in MLB The Show 23 on Day 1

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Sammy Sosa is one of the new Legends in MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty. As such, players will get the chance to earn multiple versions of Sosa throughout the year.

At launch, there are currently two versions of Sosa that are available: an 88 Breakout rated item available through the Starter Program and a 99 rated Milestone card as the special National League Live Series award. The 99 card is obviously the prized possession considering the gulf in rating and statistics, but it’s also more difficult to get.

Here’s how to get Sammy Sosa in MLB The Show 23 on Day 1.

How to Get Sammy Sosa in MLB The Show 23 on Day 1

The Starter Program Sosa is the easiest to get on Day 1. Sosa is awarded by netting 20 Stars in the program. The quickest way to get those 20 stars is by completing the six moments available which grants 15 total stars. Players can then opt to do the Starter Showdown for an additional seven stars, or play one Diamond Dynasty game preferably through Conquest against the CPU. Playing one game and netting either six strikeouts, one home run, five hits, two extra-base hits or 150 Parallel XP will net players six total stars to hit the total required.

Players wanting the 99 rated Sammy Sosa can also get that done on Day 1, but players will likely have to spend cash on Stubs to get the full NL Live Series completed.

Keep an eye out in Diamond Dynasty throughout the year for more versions of Sosa to be released.

MLB The Show 23 is now available for everyone on PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch