Is Honkai: Star Rail a sequel to Genshin Impact?

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Honkai: Star Rail has a number of similarities to HoYoverse’s popular RPG Genshin Impact, leaving fans to wonder if it fits into its universe, or if it’s a sequel.

From the developers of Genshin Impact comes a new, free-to-play RPG called Honkai: Star Rail. Unlike Genshin’s more traditional fantasy setting, Honkai: Star Rail offers players a sci-fi fantasy adventure through a trip aboard the Astral Express. Along the way, players will encounter a variety of unique passengers, quests and activities.

According to a recent PlayStation blog, Honkai: Star Rail centers around “Aeons”, which the developers explain are “incarnations of universal principles that can freely travel between infinite worlds, driven by their Primum Mobile.”

An Aeon named Destruction has a particular problem with the universe and its civilizations, causing damage to the ecosystem by casting  Stellarons across the galaxy. Players find themselves implanted with a Stellaron at the beginning of the story. To understand the Stellaron, and to find out how to combat it, players will embark on an expansive journey across the universe.

Like Genshin Impact, Honkai: Star Rail will be available on iOS and Android devices, while also getting a limited console release. Sharing a few similarities with Genshin Impact, like similar gameplay and style, prospective players might be wondering if Honkai: Star Rail is a sequel to Genshin Impact.

Is Honkai: Star Rail a sequel to Genshin Impact?

No, Honkai: Star Rail is not a sequel to Genshin Impact. In actuality, Honkai: Star Rail is the fourth installment to HoYoverse’s Honkai series. It features both brand new characters and alternate versions of existing characters from Honkai Impact 3rd.

The upcoming game takes place after the events of Honkai Impact 3rd, in a parallel universe.

It’s likely that the game will remain completely separate to Genshin Impact, despite its popularity.

Honkai: Star Rail will release on iOS, Android and Windows PC on April 23, 2023. The game will also receive a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 release, though a date has yet to be set for its launch.