MLB The Show 23: Diamond Dynasty Sets explained

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When it comes to video games, change is necessary in order to keep gamers interested in your product. Change is even more important when it comes to sport video games. MLB The Show 23 will feature a pretty good amount of change and a handful of those changes will be coming in Diamond Dynasty mode.

This year Diamond Dynasty will feature a couple of new features. One of those new features will be the introduction of Captains, and another new feature is the addition of Sets and Seasons. Sets and Seasons is being added into MLB The Show 23 in order to keep teams fresh and much more updated as the months pass by.

How does Sets and Seasons work?

  • Season 1: Core Set and Set 1
  • Season 2: Core Set, Set 1, and Set 2
  • Season 3: Core Set, Set 2, and Set 3

MLB The Show 23 will be released on March 28. When the game is released, Season 1 in Diamond Dynasty should be kicking off. Each Season that comes and goes in Diamond Dynasty will last anywhere from 6-8 weeks. For Season 1, there will be a Core Set and Set 1. Every card that is ever released will be part of a specific set depending on which Season that card was released. Each Diamond Dynasty card that is released during Season 1 will be tagged as part of Set 1. Each Diamond Dynasty card that is released during Season 2 will be tagged as part of Set 2 and so on and so forth for every Season to come.

If you plan on playing Ranked in Diamond Dynasty, you are always going to have to make sure that your team is in-season. What this means is that you can’t just create an overpowered team in Season 1 and use that same team and same cards when it comes to Season 3. For Season 1, you will be able to create and use any team you would like from cards from the first Set and the Core Set. Season 2 you can create a team from the Core Set, Set 1, and Set 2. Season 3 and beyond is where the true new “Sets and Seasons” addition really starts to take effect.

When MLB The Show 23 begins its third Season in Diamond Dynasty, you will no longer be able to use player cards that you received from Set 1 (Season 1), if you plan on playing Ranked mode. You will have to recreate your team to incorporate players from the Core Set, Set 2, and Set 3. As the Seasons progress even further, each Season will only keep the newest two sets, while always having the Core Set available to use players from. Besides the first Season, you will only have three Sets of players you can create a team around for Ranked play.

San Diego Studios has added this new feature so that players can’t just create a mega, monster team within the first month and not make any changes for the lifespan on MLB The Show 23. This new feature will make it so that you have to constantly think about updating your team every couple of months and so you do not have to play against the same teams over and over again in the Ranked player pool. You will come across tons of newly created teams each Season, so that the content continues to be fresh.

As far as other modes go on creating an in-season squad, it all depends. Certain Events, Conquests, and Mini-Seasons will have certain requirements for the players that you can use, but Ranked play will require you to follow the Sets and Season requirements every time you play.

However, don’t worry about this interfering with playing against friends. If you play Casual, against the CPU, or head-to-head against a buddy of yours, you will not be required to follow the Sets and Season requirements. That means that even if Diamond Dynasty is in Season 4, you can still play against your buddies using some of your Set 1 cards.

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