Is Counter-Strike 2 coming to PS5 or Xbox Series X|S?

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Earlier today, seemingly out nowhere, Valve announced Counter-Strike 2. Dubbed the “largest technical leap forward in Counter-Strike’s history,” the new game — which will release as a free upgrade to CS:GO — is set to arrive this summer.

Although just announced today, Valve teased a bunch of new features and improvements to the core Counter-Strike experience. A lot of it is technical stuff, like Smoke Grenades now being dynamic volumetric objects, which means they will interact with the environment and react to gameplay elements such as lighting, gunfire and explosions. The examples they showed off look really impressive, to say the least.

Sub-tick updates are another major focal point with Counter-Strike 2. With the updated architecture, tick rate will no longer matter for moving, shooting or throwing.

The website for Counter-Strike 2 provides a nice overview for what fans can expect with the new release, so be sure to check it out. In the meantime, Valve also launched a Counter-Strike Limited Test that actually went live today — but it’s only available for select players.

The Limited Test is playable on PC, which brings us to the main question: is Counter-Strike 2 coming to PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S?

Is Counter-Strike 2 coming to PS5 or Xbox Series X|S?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question as of this writing is no. Valve has only announced Counter-Strike 2 for PC, specifically as an upgrade to CS:GO.

While CS:GO saw a day one release on Xbox 360 and PS3, alongside the PC version, it wasn’t brought to PS4 or Xbox One, nor the more recent PS5 or Xbox Series X|S consoles.

That being said, this doesn’t necessarily mean a console release won’t happen. In fact, there’s speculation of it coming to consoles stemming from a stream in which analyst and commentator Chad “Spunj” Birchill mouthed the word “console” when discussing the game. It was never answered though and as of right now, there’s no official confirmation that Counter-Strike 2 will come to PS5 or Xbox Series X|S.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive didn’t really find success on consoles when it was released back in the day, but it’s possible it could be more warmly embraced this time around. Would you want to play Counter-Strike 2 on PS5 or Xbox Series X|S?