Marvel Snap March Survey hints at some interesting potential features

Nuverse /

Recently, if you checked the News tab in Marvel Snap you’ll have seen something there called “March Survey – We want to hear your feedback!” I love the game so I figured, why not. At first, it gives you the things you’d expect on a survey, things like “how likely are you to spend money on the game”, “how satisfied are you with the game”, and “have you ever played these other similar games”. Things of that sort.

But as you scroll down the survey gets REALLY interesting as they start to ask you about things they’re considering adding that they want to know your level of interest in. I’m just going to list several things here and explain what they could be and how they could work.

  • Customizable avatars
    • Different frames for the avatars
    • Animation for the backgrounds
  • Voice clips for the avatars
    • Special intro lines from your character as you enter a battle and win or lose
  • Unlockable emoji
    • In addition to the existing emoji (like the Thanos Snap emoji to let your opponent know that you’re a terrible human) you can unlock new ones in the shop
  • New tables
    • The rock floating in space is all well and good but they’re considering something more like Hearthstone in which you can change up the stage. Hopefully they steal the full thing and let you do varying half and halfs.
  • Sharable collections
    • Allowing other people to view your collection to see your various variants.
  • Visible ranks
    • This would allow people to see your win/loss ratio, your collector’s level, and your current season rank along with what cards you frequently tend to use.
  • 2 vs 2 battles
    • This is exactly what it sounds like
  • Lore for the characters
    • This is something I’ve always wanted. Especially during the opening period of the game when “Who is Infinaut” was a highly searched for thing on Google. Let me look at the card and then read about the character. I’ve wanted this for a good long while.
  • Clans
    • Some people love them, some hate them, but it’s something they’re considering down to even having some sort of clan war.
  • More slots for collector’s market
    • Moving the available space you can use collector’s tokens on to buy cards from one slot at a time to three slots.
    • Also consideration on lessening the refresh time from 8 hours to something more frequent.

Not to sound like a Nintendo Direct but…well…what do you think? Which of these are you excited about? What’s something Marvel Snap isn’t doing right now that you’d love to see added? Comment below. Unless you’re a person that uses the Thanos Snap emoji. You can leave.