Who are the next 5 Mystery Racers in Mario Kart 8’s DLC?

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The newest wave of Mario Kart DLC dropped recently and while it introduces some fantastic new courses, the important thing here is that is the return of the queen: Birdo. She’s definitely a fantastic character deserving all the love that Nintendo wants to throw her way but you can read all about that here.

Her addition raised some important questions, namely, who’s next? If you check the character selection screen upon adding her you’ll notice something below her.

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Yup…five more question marks which means five more characters are coming. So, who could they be?

Now, personally, I’d love to see more characters from other games such as Samus from Metroid, Olimar from Pikman, things like that. Hell, bring the Duck Hunt duo in, I’d love that.

But a lot of people were downtrodden when Nintendo announced that, with the upcoming DLC, it will feature “returning” character. And while this means that we’re not going to see anything new to Mario Kart that doesn’t mean we can’t be pleasantly surprised. And while I believe that the Super Smash franchise needs to be carried over into other types of games, this could still be cool.

In the console version of Mario Kart, there were a pretty cool selection of drivers that we haven’t seen in a good bit. They are:

  • Diddy Kong
  • Donkey Kong Jr.
  • Paratroopa
  • Petey Piranha
  • R.O.B.
  • Funky Kong
  • Honey Queen
  • Wiggler

So there’s some cool stuff right there. Personally I’d love to see R.O.B. come back as he is my favorite. I love R.O.B. Seeing Donkey Kong Jr. come back would be cool too. And don’t tell me they put a question mark next to King Boo if they aren’t going to bring back his double dash partner, Petey Piranha.

But wait…there’s more.

What if they get clever with their definition of “returning”. There was the arcade Mario Kart titles as well. Four of them. So if we talk about the characters that were in those games we’d also have:

  • Pac-Man
  • Ms. Pac-Man
  • Blinky
  • Mametchi (yes, from Tamagatchi)
  • Don-Chan (from the Taiko no Tatsujin games)

While adding Mametchi is probably a LONG shot, the other ones hold merit. For example, in Mario Kart 8, scanning a Pac-Man amiibo will give you a really cool Pac-Man outfit for your Mii. AND Pac-Man was in Smash Brothers.

As for Don-Chan, there are a ton of Mario themed stages in the Switch version of the recent Taiko no Tatsujin games so it wouldn’t be that weird for this to happen as they’ve crossed over before.

So that’s all of…WAIT THERE’S MORE! I forgot Mario Kart Tour! In the interest of feeding Mario Kart Tour’s feverish gacha fanbase, they’ve pumped out a TON of characters. And this wouldn’t be a stretch to see them in the game as “returning” considering every single wave of DLC stages features a track from Mario Kart Tour. So, moving aside the insane slew of costumes for every character (which Nintendo should add to Mario Kart 8) here’s all the characters it adds. And remember, I’m not adding costumes so while there’s Pit Crew Toad and Freerunning Koopa, those are costumes. Here-a we go:

  • Hammer Bro
  • Boomerang Bro
  • Ice Bro
  • Fire Bro
  • Monty Mole
  • Peachette
  • Pauline
  • Pixelated SNES Mario
  • Nabbit
  • King Bob-omb
  • Pixelated Donkey Kong Jr.
  • Kamek
  • Meowser
  • Chargin’ Chuck

This brings us to a whopping 27 characters that have raced Mario in the past.

Who would you like to see added? Again, I’d love R.O.B. first and foremost. But who would you want to see?