Super Smash Bros. needs to be an expanded franchise

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I’ve had this reoccurring video game daydream for years now but I never really committed it to “paper” because I’ve felt it was only me feeling this way as no one ever talks about it. Then I was on Twitter this morning and encountered this tweet for Internet Cool Person @Luulubuu:

It made me realize that maybe it isn’t just me with this thought. Maybe Super Smash Bros. should be a whole franchise and not just a series of fighting games. I mean, Nintendo has a good enough relationship with a lot of these companies where they can use their characters, why waste it on one title?

Mario Kart becoming Smash Kart would be incredible. I still strongly believe that we need a kart racer dedicated to Mega Man — don’t get me wrong — but playing as Pac-Man races around a turn, barely missing a shell thrown backward by Bayonetta as we speed through a military facility being stomped flat by a Metal Gear? Ness ramping and then gliding over a Splatoon arena as you attempt to catch up to Pikachu? There’s so much potential here — especially now that more characters are being added to the game, including my super-accurate prediction and reason for a million “I told you so”s, Pyra.

For example, I know it was a very unrated game, but one of the things that made the first two Sonic and Sega All-Star Racing games so dang good is that you’d be racing as Jet from Jet Grind Radio, driving after Eggman from Sonic and you go through an incredible bizarre track based of Somba de Amiigo. It was amazing. Every stage was vastly different than the previous track and it felt like a solid mixtape.

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But not just kart racing. What if every non-platformer with Mario in the title got the Smash treatment? Smash Tennis. Smash Baseball. Smash Party. These would all be incredible. I want to watch Link put down the sword and get a Master Sword-themed baseball bat and his a screwball thrown by Waluigi in a diamond-inspired by a Pokemon Gym. I want to play a Mario Party-like game where the board is set in Kirby’s Dreamland. There’s so much potential here.

It just strikes me funny that Nintendo would have so many good working relationships with other parties and just limit the character usage to a single thing. But heck, even if they stick with their own franchises, omitting characters from Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear and others, there’s still a ton of their own characters they could mix and match from. So why are they sticking with Mario only?

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What are your thoughts? Blow up these comments and tell me what you’d want to see a Smash version of.