Elden Ring DLC: Shadow of the Erdtree expansion announced

FromSoftware Inc.
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Elden Ring fans finally got their wishes granted today as their hopes for DLC has been granted. FromSoftware officially revealed the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion in a basic tweet.

All we know so far is that the expansion is in development and of course, no other release information is known. The DLC has most likely been in development for a while as studios don’t make announcements the day they are approved (no kidding).

It’ a bit of an odd way and time to announced the news. After all, the tweet was made at 3 AM eastern time, not the typical heavy duty traffic time. Elden Ring just passed 20 million copies sold in its first year, something not all that surprising after the hype the game amassed during its development with George R. R. Martin.

Originally, Elden Ring released on February 25, 2022. The one year anniversary passed only three days ago, and fans were expecting an announcement at that time. Three days after at 3 AM is admittedly a funny time to make the announcement, but it’s better than nothing obviously.

Elden Ring has become a massive success, not only commercially but in the online world as well. There have been so many videos of people tackling the difficulty of the game in all sorts of ways — from beating the game with a dance pad, to taking no hits and beating the entire game, to conquering it with an Elon Musk character build. Although many were hoping for God of War Ragnarok, the Game of the Year award in fact ended up going to Elden Ring at this past year’s The Game Awards. The game is currently available PC and both Xbox and PlayStation.

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It’s still early in the year, so a holiday release for Shadow of Erdtree may not be out of the questions. A good Christmas present for fans it would be for sure. We’ll update you as we know more, of course. How excited are you for the DLC? Let us know below.