Is Elden Ring Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2023?

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Elden Ring was 2022’s Game of the Year, beating out the likes of God of War Ragnarok, Horizon Forbidden West and more. The blockbuster game from developer FromSoftware and publisher Bandai Namco recently celebrated its one-year anniversary. And today, it was confirmed that we’ll finally be getting an expansion.

We don’t know when, but Shadow of the Erdtree, the official title of the upcoming expansion, is in development. Speaking of in development, now that Elden Ring is one year old, many are wondering if the open-world action RPG is in development for Nintendo Switch.

Is Elden Ring Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2023?

There’s no doubt Nintendo Switch owners would love to jump into Elden Ring and adventure through The Lands Between. Free from the shackles of your couch, imagine taking your adventure with you on the go with the Switch.

Unfortunately, all we can do is imagine right now as there’s been no announcement regarding plans for a Nintendo Switch port of Elden Ring. Neither FromSoftware nor Namco Bandai have even touched on the possibility of Elden Ring coming to the Nintendo Switch.

But hope is not entirely lost. FromSoftware’s Dark Souls Remastered was released on the NIntendo Switch, nearly five months after it originally released on PC. But there would need to be incentive. And I’m not sure Namco Bandai has any.

Elden Ring has sold 20 million copies across PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. Given its already impressive reach and commercial success, does Namco Bandai really have incentive to bring it to the Nintendo Switch? Odds are if you want to play the game, you’ll do so on one of the five platforms it’s already available on.

Rather than work on a Nintendo Switch port, it seems FromSoftware and Namco are keen on focusing on expanding the story and lore of Elden Ring in the form of the upcoming expansion. Shadow of the Erdtree doesn’t yet have a release date, but it’s possible it could arrive later tihs year.