Xbox Game Pass day one releases for March 2023

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The shortest month of the year is coming to an end in roughly a week. With March on the way, Xbox Game Pass will be gearing up for another batch of games being added and unfortunately, games being removed.

March intends on being a fairly decent month for the Xbox Game Pass as there are four games that will be available on the Game Pass on day one of their release. If your Xbox Game Pass subscription has expired or if you are looking to become a brand-new member of the service, this may be one of the best times to do so.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty (Releases on March 3)

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a brand-new RPG from Team Ninja that has the gaming community excited. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty tells a story about a militia soldier trying to defeat the demons that plague the Three Kingdoms. Your job is simple, save the world from these demons and make sure the Three Kingdoms are safe once again!

Valheim (Releases on March 14)

Valheim is not a new game, but it will be new to Xbox Game Pass on March 14. Valheim came out on February 2, 2021, and since then has gotten extremely positive reviews. In fact, if you own Microsoft’s PC Game Pass, you can already access Valheim thanks to that service. If you don’t own the PC Game Pass, you only have to wait until March 14 to play it on console.

Valehim is inspired by Norse Mythology. The goal of Valheim is to simply just survive, explore, build, and prove yourself worthy to the mighty Odin. If you are a big fan of the Survival video game genre, this is going to be a must-play on Xbox Game Pass starting on March 14.

MLB The Show 23 (Releases on March 28)

Batter up! MLB players have been arriving at spring training this week which is set to begin on February 24. With the new MLB Season slowly getting closer to Opening Day 2023, the release of MLB The Show 23 is also slowly getting closer. There is always tons of hype around new sports video games and MLB The Show 23 has already been talked about a fair amount in 2023 thanks to the announcement of Jazz Chishom Jr. as this year’s cover athlete. You’ll be able to play MLB The Show 23 through Xbox Game Pass on its launch day.

Way to the Woods (Releases March 2023)

Way to the Woods doesn’t have an exact release date but it is coming at some point in March. Way to the Woods is about a Deer and her Fawn embarking on an emotional adventure to find their way back home. The world that they find themselves in has a lot of unknowns and they must try and find a way to escape this unknown world and make it home safely. Be on the lookout for a release date!

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These are four pretty big releases that will be available at no additional cost other than owning the Xbox Game Pass. I am sure that Xbox will have plenty more in store for us in March with new games being added to the Xbox Game Pass on the regular. Which of these day-one releases on Xbox Game Pass are you most excited to get your hands on and what future games are you hoping to make to the service?