Hogwarts Legacy: How to open the math puzzle doors

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One of the many things you can do in Hogwarts Legacy is spending your time exploring the land and discovering all that there is to do in the game. From ruins to dungeons to mysterious spells, there is no shortage of wondrous things awaiting you. One of those is the math puzzle doors scattered around Hogwarts academy.

There are many of them all over the world, but they are not marked on your map. You also don’t need anything special to open them short of a elementary school math education. Below, we’ll walk you through how to open them.

These math puzzle doors are available right from the start of the game. The only thing you’ll need is your Revelio spell which is given to you as part of the prologue. Casting the spell has them glow a bright blue so you can’t miss them as you’re walking around.

When you find one, they look a bit perplexing but they really are quite easily handled. On the door, there will be two circles with animals and numbers on top of each other. Surrounding the door will be ten different animal shapes. Your goal is to solve the math riddle and open the door.

Now, you will also see two rollers on the wall around the door that show up with the Revelio spell as well. The “?” is for the top puzzle and the “??” is for the bottom. Simply solve the math equation and the door opens. The animals around the door are always in the same order and increase from 0 – 9. So, if you have a 15 in the center of the circle with a unicorn (2 points) and a 7, then you will need six more to get to 15. In this case, pick the corresponding animal (lizard) and there you go. Solve both puzzles in this manner and then interact with the door to open it.

Your reward will be a number of gear pieces from several chests. If you don’t need them, be sure to head over to Hogsmeade and sell them in order to pick up much needed gold. We hope this helps, and be sure to check out our other guides below!