Hogwarts Legacy: How to complete the 3 secrets

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Hogwarts Legacy is absolutely loaded with things to do and side content after the main story.  Completionists have their work cut out for them, and one of those is unlocking the three secrets of Hogwarts. The field guide reveals “three secrets” under the exploration section. Our guide below shows you how to complete each one. Once you complete a secret, you will get a special outfit as a reward. You’ll also get legendary gear from chests along the way.

The first one can be done at any point in the game. It involves the bridge and the four braziers outside Hogwarts. You can light all 4 once you have the Incendio spell. You won’t have to wait long as it’s earned in about the 5th main quest. Once they are all lit, you can turn a button underneath them making each one a number 1 through 4. There’s a circle on the ground that tells you,  but we have it all set for you. If you stand across the bridge and look at the library on the other side, make the numbers on your side left 3, right 1. Other side of bridge left 2, right 4.

This opens up a secret hatch with three chests and completes the secret.

The second one is in the headmaster’s office. You’ll need to wait a while to get this one because you’ll need the Alohamora spell upgraded to level 3 by finding the moons. Once you have this, make sure it’s Winter and head up the top of the grand staircase over the trophy room. If you have your broom, there’s a spot you can fly up to as well. There’s an outside walkway that leads up to a door, and entering gets you an achievement for getting to the highest point of Hogwarts. Take the key off the desk and go back to the office to use the key on the highly conspicuous gigantically enormous lock. This completes the secret and gets you some chests.

The third one is in the South wing by the giant clock pendulum. You will need the freeze spell Glacio to do this secret. Simply freeze the giant pendulum when it is in front of one of the four signs. This will open the gate connected to the corresponding sign, and there are treasures in each one. Opening all 4 completes the secret.
In order, they go as follows:

  • Door A – bottom of the tower by the floor flame in the courtyard
  • Door B – 2nd level from the bottom
  • Door C – Top level directly to right of giant pendulum
  • Door D – in the staircase heading up to the giant pendulum

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This will complete all 3 secrets and get you on your way to 100% of the field guide.