Marvel Snap: The best M.O.D.O.K. deck

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When Marvel Snap creates a new season it will often add a new card or two to the mix that can cause some pretty interesting changes to the meta. Silver Surfer, for example, had the interesting ability to add +3 Power to all cards that cost 3 energy to play which made a lot of the mid powers cards into the light more. It had a lot more people using Black Cat, who gave players a chance of turning her card into a 10 Power powerhouse.

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When they added Luke Cage it finally cut back on almost every damn deck having Scorpion in it with his ability to negate power drain. He was also a VERY welcome addition to my “toxic” deck.

But the newest season, Into the Quantum Realm, ties into the upcoming Ant-Man movie by not only giving us weird variants of Ant-Man and Wasp but also introducing a card based off one of the main villains of the film. Nope…not Kang. M.O.D.O.K.

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Marvel’s weird evil version of a Squishmallow is here and, true to form, is causing all sorts of hell within the game’s universe.

It’s his ability that turns the final two turns into an absolute nightmare. When you call him out for a whopping 8 Power, he then turns and discards every single card in your deck with a powerful laser blast.

Which at first you’re like, why?

But I started using the lil’ potato. I filled my deck with certain cards. Like right now here’s my M.O.D.O.K. deck.

  • Morbius (2,0)
  • Wolverine (2,2)
  • Colossus (2,3)
  • Maria Hill (2,3)
  • Swarm (2,3)
  • Black Cat (3,7)
  • Dracula (4,0)
  • Super Skrull (4,2)
  • Strong Guy (4,4)
  • M.O.D.O.K. (5,8)
  • Hela (6,6)
  • Apocalypse (6,8)

Let me explain in order of power.

Morbius (2,0)

I hate this card. I hate vampires. I never wanted them in my deck, especially Morbius but he’s so useful here. If I hold off on playing cards for most of the game and keep my deck full, I can usually have an 18-power Morbius after the time I call MODOK out thanks to his handy ability to gain +2 power for every card you destroy/discard.

Wolverine (2,2)

I love having this in my deck and never playing it. When you play M.O.D.O.K. and it hits the Wolverine in his deck, his ability to respawn in a new location with +2 power means that, from out of nowhere, a 4 Power Wolverine hops out to a random spot. Even a spot with a spider-web on it. Take that Spidey.

Colossus (2,3)

You should just have him. After the Savage Land, there are now too many random spots that destroy the cards there like the Rickety Bridge. But Colossus has an ability where he can’t be destroyed, moved, or have his power decreased. So he’s always good to have if you want to assure you got power somewhere dangerous.

Maria Hill (2,3)

Why Maria? Well you can pop her somewhere you might want an extra 3 Power and with her ability to summon a 1 Cost card it won’t shrink your deck meaning Morbius will have plenty of power to drain when MODOK comes. Also…I’ll be real, the more I can look at this card the better, I love it so much.

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Swarm (2,3)

Swarm is a card I never had any interest in using as I don’t normally rock a destroy deck but Swarm is great here because Swarm has a special ability where if you destroy him in your deck he’ll create two versions of himself with 0-cost. And…if you play MODOK on a spot where his powers happen twice, MODOK will go twice, destroying the two Swarms the second time giving Morbius +4 extra power AND give you FOUR 0-cost Swarms to play on turn six.

Black Cat (3,7)

Black Cat is normally a wildcard, but with Morbius she’s always a guaranteed +2 to his power. Her ability is basically if you don’t use her card the turn she’s drawn she’ll ghost on you basically destroying herself. It’s really great too if you draw her on turn 6 because it’ll almost guarantee the activation of Strong Guy who I’ll get to later.

Dracula (4,0)

Ugh, another vampire. Bleh. There’s good reason for this guy in this deck however. If a player catches wind that you’re rolling a MODOK deck, they might get itchy for their Shang-Chi but Dracula uses his ability at the end of the game after the final turn is player. He destroys a card in your hand and takes their power for themselves. If you have a card like Apocolypse in your deck which can’t be destroyed, only comes back stronger, you can almost always end the game with a +12 or +16 Dracula. Plus, Dracula destroying a card for power gives Morbius +2.

Super Skrull (4,2)

Super Skrull is one of my favorite of the newer cards. With the ability to copy EVERY Ongoing ability from your opponent’s side he’s super fun. But with this deck he’ll mostly warm the bench with rare exception. Firstly, if your opponent thinks they’re clever and hits Morbius with Rogue you can go ahead and yoink that power back with Super Skrull. But better yet, if your opponent is ALSO rocking a MODOK deck, guess what, Super Skrull is now another Morbius should they play it giving you the upper hand against them in this mirror match.

Strong Guy (4, 4)

Finally, a reason to use this card. He’s been my avatar since the game was in beta but I never found a good use for his card until now. Strong Guy gets +6 if your hand is empty which makes him a perfect pairing for MODOK. Swarm and Apocolypse can thwart him pretty good but if you want to go the Strong Guy route play Swarm early. He’s also a good back up if a location or Doc Ock causes you to play Apocolypse early. (Doc Ock is a great counter to this deck by the way)

M.O.D.O.K. (5,8)

You know why he’s here. MODOK destroys your entire hand which hopefully you kept around 6 or 7 giving a bunch of power to your Morbius card while also hopefully activating Swarm, Apocolypse, and Wolverine.

Hela (6,6)

Hela warms the bench all the time in this deck and you’ll almost never use her unless, UNLESS, you draw her on turn 6 and guess what happens…she’ll call out every single card MODOK destroyed and play them at random spots which is almost always a guaranteed win for you. Drawing her card on turn 6 is like Marvel handing you a gift certificate for a free win.

Apocalypse (6, 8)

Avoid playing this card at all cost if you have Dracula out. Keep him on the bench. Apocalypse gains +4 every time he’s destroyed. MODOK will turn him into a +12. And if you have Dracula out, the destruction caused from Dracula’s ability will turn him into an insane +16 meaning you now have a +16 Dracula your opponent can’t do anything about.

Anyways, that’s it for the deck, let me know how it works for you!