I found a new type of Marvel Snap deck that no one seems ready for

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Now, this article is being written on January 5th, 2023 and I’ve been using this deck since Zabu came out with the most recent season pass. So, given how Marvel Snap grows and changes someone else will have probably also discovered this by the time that I get this article live but I’m going to tell you anyways because I love it so much.

Also, I’d like to mention that I say “I found a new type” because I am currently Collector’s Level 3,632 and in my time playing I’ve never gone against a deck that does this to the opponent.

Anyways, here are the cards you need for the most toxic deck ever. Quite literally. Note that I’m going to mention the power and energy of each card as well in case any of these get nerfed and you come at me like “you can’t play this card on the X turn because they cost X+1”.

Recipe for Eric’s handy Toxic deck:

  • Hazmat (2, 1)
  • Luke Cage (2, 1)
  • Scorpion (2, 2)
  • Zabu (3, 2)
  • Debrii (3, 3)
  • Jubilee (4, 1)
  • Wong (4, 2)
  • Crossbones (4, 8)
  • Typhoid Mary (4, 10)
  • Blue Marvel (5, 3)
  • Spider-Woman (5, 7)
  • Odin (6, 8)

So you’ll have this or whatever weird variants of the cards you may have.

Here’s what each of the cards do.

Hazmat (2, 1)

Hazmat is one of the most useful cards in this deck and, honestly, if you don’t see her by turn 5 and you’re behind I don’t blame you for bouncing. Hazmat has an awesome ability to take 1 power away from every card in play (2 if you got Wong) that isn’t her including your own which will probably give away the importance of the next card.

Luke Cage (2, 1)

Luke is the absolute linchpin of this deck. Luke’s Ongoing ability is to prevent any of your cards from losing power.

If Luke Cage gets destroyed before you can play him, just leave. He’s the car keys to the car that is your entire deck. Without him it just won’t start. This deck has several cards that can take away from your own health. Luke Cage will prevent that. He’ll also block enemy Scorpions and locations that cause a power drain.

Scorpion (2, 2)

Scorpion is here to cause future damage to the opponent’s hand. His ability is to hit all cards in the opponent’s card and make them all have -1 power.

While many of the cards lower the power of their played cards, Scorpion’s gonna get a head start by lowering the power of the ones in the hand. If he gets played before Hazmat, you’re going to see many cards turned into negative values.

Zabu (3, 2)

This deck has a lot of useful 4 energy card and having Zabu played means they’re all gonna cost 2. That’s Zabu’s main thing, an Ongoing ability that makes all your 4 Energy cards cost only 2.

Playing Wong somewhere is almost a guarantee that you’re going to get hit with Cosmo the next turn. But if Wong is 2 on the 4th turn you can play Wong AND a card you want to get double effect from on the same turn blindsiding Cosmo users.

Debrii (3, 3)

This one is the one that people doubt until they see the results. Debrii has the ability to add one Rock card to the other two locations for both you AND your opponent.

The power of cards that take away power from the opponent is that they lose more in a location for every card they have. And having a 0 power card gives you a mostly guaranteed way to get an addition -1 or more against a location. It looks useless at first as it hits you as well but when their rocks start getting numbers like -3 on them you’ll be glad she’s there.

Jubilee (4, 1)

This deck requires the presence of several cards for it to work to its fullest and Jubilee has come in clutch MANY times. Jubilee’s main ability is to summon a random card from your deck that hasn’t made it to your hand yet.

If you have Zabu in play already Jubilee will be 2 energy to play. You can play her on turn four WITH Wong. Playing Wong and Jubilee will add four to a spot meaning that you have a higher chance to draw the cards you need and if Hazmat happens to be one of them, all the better. Just watch out if it summons Debrii. Debrii on Wong causes so much chaos I’ve seen opponents bail from a match many times because of it.

Wong (4, 2)

Speaking of Wongers, you know what he does already. Quite possibly the most famous card in Marvel Snap, Wong causes any card played at that location after him to do their “On Reveal” move twice so you’ll see Jubilee drop TWO cards, Hazmat take -2 away from all cards, things like that.

Just make sure you got Luke Cage ready because without him some of the massive drain you’ll cause your opponent will apply to you as well. If you can play Zabu on round three though, do that first because being able to play Wong at the same time as another card is never something the opponent is braced for.

Crossbones (4, 8)

Crossbones is a card I’ve never felt the need to play until now. Crossbones has 8 energy which can turn things around quick but his ability is that you can only play him at locations you’re winning.

If you have Zabu played though, having this card cost only 2 energy means you can play him anywhere you’re winning AND a card with an ability at the same time.

Typhoid Mary (4, 10)

Speaking of cards I’ve never had a use for previously, we have Typhoid Mary. Typhoid Mary comes with a whopping 10 power points. The only downfall is her Ongoing ability which hurts all your cards -1 Energy.

Luckily though, if you have Luke Cage in play her ability is pretty much canceled. Likewise, if you have Zabu in play she’s suddenly on 2 energy to play making it really to slap 10 Power anywhere you please.

Protip: Place her in the same location as Luke Cage. It’s amazing watching people playing Rouge to steal Luke Cage’s ability only for them to come back with Mary’s instead. That’s an addition -1 for their whole team.

Blue Marvel (5, 3)

Blue Marvel works well with deck. His Ongoing ability adds +1 to every card on your side.

He’s very useful for when you think you have a chance at winning but Luke Cage hasn’t shown up yet and you want to play Hazmat. He’ll make up the difference. He’s not the most important card in the deck but he’s saved me a few times.

Spider-Woman (5, 7)

Spider-Woman is an awesome card. More targeted than Hazmat, her On Reveal removes +1 power from every opponent card at the same location. It’s not as wide hitting as Hazmat but it also won’t hurt you if you’re without Luke Cage.

There are a LOT of basic decks that use cards like Devil Dinosaur, Apocolypse, or Death to suddenly drop a bucket of power somewhere. You can usually see them coming a mile away. But a bucket of points isn’t going to be too swayed by -1 or -2. Playing Spider-Woman somewhere a big card is or will be played helps guarantee that it’s not going to make the difference it thinks it will.

Odin (6, 8)

The worst card to see on the 6th turn. Odin’s ability is that he reactivates all On Reveal abilities of cards already played by you at that location. If Wong is on the field it’ll active Odin twice essentially reactivating any card there an insane 4 times.

If you have Luke Cage in play and you happen to drop this somewhere where Odin and Hazmat are hanging out, go ahead and celebrate now. Hazmat will take -4 from every single card. If your opponent has four cards in a location that location just got hit with -16 whether Armor is protecting them or not.

This deck, obviously, can be messed up pretty good if the opponent has a Luke Cage of their own but I haven’t really seen a lot of people using him yet. Plus, even if they do, focusing more on cards like Crossbones, Typhoid Mary, and others and you’ll still have a pretty great chance to pull ahead.

And more often than not you’re gonna see a lot of matches that end up looking like this at the end.

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