The Last of Us Episode 5 won’t be released on Sunday

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The Last of Us TV Show has been a hit right from the start of Episode One. The series has been a faithful adaptation of the popular video game series, even expanding on some of the game’s side characters in new and exciting ways. The television series has been so well-received that it got renewed for a second season shortly after the second episode was released.

Speaking of specific episodes, normally episodes are released once a week, every Sunday evening. That will change this week, however. Episode 5 would normally air on Sunday, February 12; however, there’s another big event that is coinciding — the Super Bowl. HBO announced that it is best not to release Episode 5 on Super Bowl Sunday, for obvious reasons. They want as many people as possible to tune into the episode live and that would not be the case if it were to be released on one of the most popular sports days in America.

There is actually really good news to come out of this announcement. We’ll get to watch Episode 5 early. The newest episode will premiere on Friday February 10. It will also be available to watch at the normal time slot of 9pm ET.

This is only a one-time change. Episodes will resume to be released going forward with the season finale being released on March 12. If you haven’t gotten the chance to start the show yet, I would suggest watching it as soon as possible. There is nothing better than when Sunday rolls around and you get to experience the episode with millions of other people who are tuning in at the same time.

The Last of Us is a fantastic story and one you shouldn’t miss out on. Even if you have never gotten to play the video game, the TV show has done a great job with transferring the story from the video game world to the television screen.

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After you get done watching Episode 5 this week, you can sit down and tune into Super Bowl LVII on Sunday. Super Bowl LVII will see the Kansas City Chiefs do battle with the Philadelphia Eagles. The best part is, you can focus solely on watching the biggest football game of the year and you won’t have to worry about catching up on The Last of Us if you watch it on either Friday or Saturday.