Rocket League: Season 9 Rewards have been revealed

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It is very hard to believe that Rocket League Season 9 will be shortly coming to an end next month on March 8. Just like any other Rocket League Season, you will be granted with Rewards for the success you had in the prior Season. If you are unfamiliar with what that means, let me explain. At the start of Season 10, you will be granted with rewards from Season 9 based on how well you competed in the Competitive Seasons.

In order to be eligible for the Season 9 Competitive Rewards, you must play at least 10 placement matches to be put into a certain rank. Once you are placed in a rank, you will need another 10 wins to secure Bronze Rewards, another 10 wins after that to receive Silver Rewards, another 10 wins after that to receive Gold Rewards, and so on and so forth all the way up to Supersonic Legend. You can also only earn rewards up to the rank that you are currently placed in. That means you can’t earn Diamond Rewards if you are only a Platinum Rank player.

With just a little over a month left in Season 9, Rocket League has announced what the Competitive Rewards will be at the end of the Season. This time around we are going to be getting some crisp new wheels. Depending at what rank you are in will also depend on the color wheels you will be receiving.

Rocket League Season 9 Wheel Rewards

  • Bronze: Bronze Wheels
  • Silver: Silver Wheels and all lower rewards
  • Gold: Gold Wheels and all lower rewards
  • Platinum: Teal Wheels and all lower rewards
  • Diamond: Blue Wheels and all lower rewards
  • Champion: Purple Wheels and all lower rewards
  • Grand Champion: Red Wheels and all lower rewards
  • Supersonic Legend: Red Wheels and all lower rewards

The best part about the Rocket League Competitive Rewards system is that you are also granted any other ranks below yours. If you managed to get Diamond Rank Rewards for Season 9, you will also be getting the rewards from Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Which means if you were someone who managed to get Supersonic Legend Rewards, you can expect to receive all Season 9 Rewards prior to the start of Season 10.

Also, to go along with these wheels, Grand Champion and Supersonic Legend players will be getting exclusive titles that they can show off in-game to brag about achieving such a feat in Season 9.

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With Season 9 of Rocket League ending on March 8, there is still plenty of time to login to the game and try and get as many wins and rewards as possible prior to the end of Season 9. Maybe it is not the wheels you are excited about, but achieving Supersonic Legend status and getting that exclusive title is something not many people are capable of doing in their Rocket League career.