Rocket League: What to expect when Season 9 rolls around

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Do you like it hot like fire or do you prefer it to be cool like ice? Either way, you are going to get the best of both worlds when Rocket League Season 9 combines both the fire and ice elements for the upcoming theme of the new season.

As you can expect, Rocket League Season 9 will have a brand-new Season Pass for gamers to rack up tiers to unlock all new rewards. By purchasing the Premium Battle Pass, you will not only have more rewards to unlock, but you will also unlock the all-new Emperor muscle car. The Emperor Car that is unlocked with the purchase of the Premium Battle Pass is just the base car. However, there are four different versions of this car. As you progress further through the Battle Pass, you will eventually unlock an upgraded Emperor car called the Emperor II. That is just the tip of the iceberg as there will be tons of new Decals, Wheels, Player Banners, and Goal Explosions, that are all themed for the fire and ice season, that you can earn through the Battle Pass as well.

It wouldn’t be a new season of Rocket League without the addition of a new map to play on. The Forbidden Temple has been retransformed and can now be referred to as Forbidden Temple Fire and Ice. This new map brings together both the fire and ice elements with both permafrost and molten lava to really get you into the mood of this new season.

Two events that are not new to Rocket League but are making a reappearance to the game are both Frost Fest and Neon Lights. Psyonix plans on debuting these events later on in Season 9 and more details regarding these returning events will be revealed at a later time as we inch closer to these events.

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There will be new goal songs, tournament rewards, and tons of other surprises here and there throughout the season. You also don’t have to worry about when you will receive your Season 8 rewards because those, as per usual, will be granted right away at the start of Season 9. Rocket League Season 9 is ready to kick off in less than a week on December 9! Are you ready to harness the inferno and survive the blizzard?