TMNT, Power Rangers and 6 other franchises that need a LEGO game

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The release of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga last year saw a culmination of years of work from TT Games along with the best and most complete LEGO game to date. A character count of well over 300 along with 1,200 bricks to collect dwarfed any of the previous games by far. Considering the standard LEGO game routinely saw a brick count in the area of 250 or so, this 500% increase was a huge undertaking.

Now that it’s complete, we look to see what games next deserve the LEGO treatment. Below, you can see a number of franchises that would make excellent additions and where that classic LEGO humor would thrive. Let us know what you think below.

Power Rangers

First off, we have a franchise 30 years in the making. RIP Jason David Frank. Originally debuting in 1993, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers immediately set the world on fire. Being around for their fourth decade now and celebrating their 30th-anniversary special this year, Power Rangers would make an excellent addition to the LEGO franchise.

Each of the rangers’ different abilities would blend seamlessly into mini-figs, and I can see the LEGO humor now with a Mega-zord tripping and falling down or something similar. There are also numerous storylines to choose from. The original is the most popular and has given rise to several movies – outshining the others by far.

Character count would in no way be an issue with the sheer number of different villains and ranger varieties over the years. I only have one requirement for this franchise, and that is that Bulk and Skull need to have their own mini-figs with Bulk carrying the ice cream. It’s mandatory. Oh yeah, and their music has to be in it as well.


This has always been a desire of mine, and the release of the most recent Puss N’ Boots the Last Wish film only increased it. It’s a fairy tale genre with unlimited amounts of intellectual property to draw from. Shrek and Donkey mini-figs on the screen at once using their abilities to take out a baddie would be incredible. Not to mention the Gingerbread man, Muffin Man, Goldie Locks and 3 Bears, King Arthur and more.

The movies alone are chock-full of possibilities, and that doesn’t even include the dozens more that weren’t in the films. With Shrek 5 seemingly on the way now, it’s a perfect time to get Dreamworks involved in the LEGO realm.