What could Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s DLC focus on?

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02) The strange symbols

If you’ve made it to the bottom of the crater one of the things you’ll know about are the mysterious symbols all over the place. Documented in journals and just literally right there carved into metal and stone. Sometimes even the ground.

From the metal tablets in the crater to the various symbols chronicled in the journals you’ll find bizarre symbols everywhere. In the Scarlet/Violet Book one of the research team even wrote down several claiming he wrote them down while asleep.

One of the biggest ones happens in the hidden cave where you can find your game’s rarest Paradox Pokemon. The ground happens to have several overlapping circles and lines.

Most interestingly you can find references to this in the Scarlet/Violet book as well.

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Personally, I like to believe that this was part of the time travel story in which one of the characters went back in time and wrote down a particular way to set up the four satellite dishes in the crater. But that’s just 100% speculation.

01) The ton of other mysteries the game introduces

There are so many more mysteries I’d love to know about in a future DLC.

For example, are there any of the characters with direct ties to Pokemon Legends Arceus? Scarlet and Violet have a pretty big time travel component to its later story and that was pretty much what caused Legends Arceus’ problems to occur.

Also, several of the characters in Scarlet and Violet seem to be related to many of the characters that didn’t seem to be related to anyone in Legends Arceus.

For example, your history teacher Raifort (who ironically also has imagery from Legends Arceus in her classroom) bares many similarities to Diamond Clan leader Adaman.

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Legends Arceus character Iscan is rumored to be related to characters Tyme and Ryme as he’s fearful of Ghost-type and Tyme and Ryme’s whole twin relationship comes down to one liking Ghost-type and the other not so much.

And there are other neat things hidden all over the place. Mysterious journals. Arwen’s mysterious room he couldn’t get into that, despite being abandoned for years, upon examining the cooking counter will excitedly let you know it looks like someone has used it very recently. And the student registry in the school library lets you know that several of the pages have been ripped out to hide the identity of some of the teachers or students.

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There are so many mysteries and I can’t wait to see if one or any get resolved in the future. What do you hope to see from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC?