What could Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s DLC focus on?

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A few years ago, Pokemon Sword and Shield released two major DLC additions to their game marking the first time a Pokemon game ever received a significant add-on. Isle of Armor followed by Crown Tundra was a major success for Nintendo as it caused a massive spike in sales as the game suddenly received two huge additions of both Pokemon and story content.

Isle of Armor brought in a new island that focused on a fighting dojo which lead to the introduction of the brand new fighting-type Legendary Kurfu and its evolution Urshifu. Crown Tundra focused more on exploration, bringing in another new area that was heavy in mystery and not only introduced us to three brand new Legendary Pokemon known as Calyrex, Glastrier, and Spectrier, but also brand new forms of the famous Legendary Birds, Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno.

Strangely, Pokemon Legends Arceus, despite being a massive seller with a ton of unanswered plot threads never received any sort of DLC despite it absolutely needing it as people who accessed the game files found weird things like the home of the main protagonist in their own time and a slew of stone murals hidden around the island that, to this day, still need to be accurately translated. (There are a few attempts that sound like something but are so beyond vague that it also could be nothing).

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are also an absolute shoo-in for DLC and there have already been several rumors, but here are several solid reasons why I’m confident and what the DLC could cover.

01) There’s an entire area of the map that’s just blocked off

In the North Eastern portion of the map, there’s literally a big blobby corner of the map that is just inaccessible. The entire map is a huge square with the exception of one area that’s just missing like a puzzle piece. Even attempts to climb the walls there are met with failure as you just can’t do it. You can’t swim around it because of an invisible wall as well. It’s just blocked off.

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Even if you manage to get past it, you’re not going to catch a glimpse of anything. Scarlet and Violet being so glitchy means that it’s pretty easy to just get up close to the wall and see all nothing beyond the invisible barriers.

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But to me, this seems like the kind of area Nintendo might cut off to add something for DLC. Maybe a harbor or a train station of some sort that leads to a new area. Or a cave opening up that leads to some massive underground something or other. It just feels like Nintendo left themselves some blank area to paint on here.