The Callisto Protocol: Best upgrades to get early on

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The Callisto Protocol is a very difficult and spooky game. When mostly everything that you encounter is against you, it doesn’t make things any easier. When you first start out playing The Callisto Protocol, you are going to have your back against the way as you try to survive and escape the Black Iron Prison. You aren’t going to have a ton of resources at your disposal, but the resources that you have can be of good use to you if you use your upgrades efficiently early on in the game.

As you explore the Black Iron Prison and Jupiter’s Dead Moon, Callisto, you will have in-game currency that is fittingly called Callisto Credits. These Callisto Credits are going to try and help make The Callisto Protocol a little bit more manageable by providing you the opportunity to use these Callisto Credits for upgrades in regards to the resources that you have. The upgrades that you choose in the early game is crucial in that it will allow you to get a sense of flow and even allow you to access better upgrades on these same items later on in the game. Some of the upgrades can get a little pricey and there is a very good chance that when you have completed the Callisto Protocol, you still will have items that aren’t fully upgraded.

Focus on upgrading your Baton

There are plenty of guns that you will find throughout the game, but one of the most important weapons that you have at your disposal is your Baton. Like I said earlier, you aren’t going to have a ton of resources at your disposal throughout the whole game and especially not as much in the early stages of the game. At some point you are going to run out of ammo on any of your guns and this is going to force you to use your Baton. The more you focus on upgrading your Baton in the early stages of the game, the more powerful your Baton will be later in the game.

There are also certain enemies and bosses that you will encounter that take no damage from bullets whatsoever. In this case, your Baton is going to be your number one ally and the earlier you can throw some upgrades its way, the more powerful and useful it will be in the late game when things progressively get more difficult.

Upgrade a couple weapons and stick with it

There are going to be plenty of different upgrades that you will be able to choose from. The best advice that I can give would be to stick with a couple weapons and continue to upgrade them. If you try and balance out all of your weapons to try and get them all maxed out at one time, you will never get to that point by the end of the game. It is better to have a couple weapons that you like and are powerful at max upgrade capacity then five weapons at only 30% upgraded capacity.

The more that these weapons that you focus on are upgraded will not only improve the damage that each of them provides, but they can also improve the ammo clips as well. If you can have at least one of your weapons maxed out and your Baton maxed out by the middle to late stages of the game, you are going to be in pretty good condition.

Loot all that you can to save your Callisto Credits on upgrades

Exploration plays a big role in The Callisto Protocol. The chests that you discover and enemy corpses that you loot can give you a little bit of additional ammo. If you can get the most that is available to you from your surroundings, you will be in good shape. You can always purchase ammo and health from the Shop. However, the less you have to shell Callisto Credits on ammo and health, the more Credits you will have saved for Baton and other weapon upgrades early on.

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There will come certain times where purchasing ammo and health will be a must and if the situation seems like it is a must to purchase these things in order to progress further, then you must purchase them. The thing is the less ammo and health that you have to purchase early on, that additional Calliston Credits that you would be using to purchase ammo and health can instead be used on some of the other upgrades that we have already discussed. If there comes a time later in the game when you need ammo or health, purchasing it at that point won’t be as big of a deal because all of the upgrades you were focusing early on will now have a high enough upgrade on them.