The Callisto Protocol gets even scarier in newly released videos

Striking Distance Studios
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The hype for the newly announced Striking Distance Studios game, The Callisto Protocol, is strong and with each new video released giving players just a little bit more, it only gets stronger. It’s easy to say that Dead Space is one of scariest and most beloved horror games of all time, so Glen Schofield teasing players with a new Dead Space-like game is leaving them all a twitter. Well, gird those loins, everyone, because we’ve got more to show you.

While many people has seen the announcement trailer, they just  released the “Schofield cut” which gives players an additional 30 seconds of footage from the game as well as an exceptionally brutal death for our main character, Jacob. Get your barf bag ready and check it out.

When I say brutal, I mean brutal. Jacob became one hell of a tasty snack. If you think that ending was rough, let me introduce you to the two and a half minute gameplay demo. While we all love a good cinematic trailer, watching actual gameplay will give players a better idea of what they will experience themselves. The footage below is in development on next gen hardware.

If you thought getting chomped by a monster was bad, I think that ending raises the stakes quite a bit. That’s the kind of character death that will stay with you for a bit. The gameplay seems very Dead Space-esque with dark and quiet atmospheres punctuated by the horrifying sounds of something lurking in the dark. I’ll argue that the scariest games aren’t always the gory ones but the games that utilize sound the best. F

or example: Dead Island is scarier than Dying Light 2. “That’s insane!” you scream but I beg you to think of the game’s use of sound.  It’s a peaceful, sunny day on the beach and the only sounds you hear are the swaying of the palms and the lapping of the ocean. Then you hear a scream and a hiss in the distance and you know all of the peaceful days are gone. Then the screaming gets closer really fast and all of a sudden, you’re zombie food.

In that small demo, The Callisto Protocol has shown itself as an immensely scary game just by its use of sound alone. It creates such an eerie and isolated atmosphere so quickly. If you’re one of the players that think gore is scarier, then never you fret because The Callisto Protocol has that too, in spades.

It looks like Jacob is armed with a weapon, perhaps a plasma based weapon, which has some pretty heavy dismemberment abilities. Whether the monsters are aliens, infected or parasites is yet to be seen but they look difficult to take down. The gunplay reminds me of Resident Evil 2 guns with the monsters taking nearly a full clip before finally falling. Even with arms shot into splinters, they will still keep coming. There also seems to be intense melee fighting as well as a type of phase ability to bring the enemies closer to you. With as gross as these guys look, I’m not sure why you’d want them cuddling up next to you.

These two new videos only make us more excited to get our hands on The Callisto Protocol. The graphics are out of this world and what little sound mixing we’ve heard leaves us with chicken skin. It looks dark, terrifying and brutal while leaving us nostalgic for those good ole Dead Space memories.

The Callisto Protocol releases on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X and PC December 2, 2022.