God of War Ragnarok: Where to find all the Yggdrasil Jewels

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You are going to encounter many different bosses, a ton of tougher Favors to complete, and collectibles when you play through the campaign of God of War Ragnarok. None of these bosses or Favors will really be a piece of cake and nor will finding all the various collectibles. In fact, the game as an overall will take you quite a while if you would like to complete everything God of War Ragnarok has to offer.

When you encounter Nidhogg during the Main Story Quest: “The Reckoning,” you will have to battle this boss. When you have defeated Nidhogg, you will receive the Amulet of Yggdrasil. You will notice that the Amulet of Yggdrasil will have a total of nine slots. Two of the nine slots are unlocked and repaired as soon as you receive the Amulet. The other 7 slots have to be unlocked down the line when you find all seven Yggdrasil Jewels. Each Yggdrasil Jewel that you find will unlock one of the 7 slots of the Amulet. You can take each Jewel to the Blacksmith and repair one slot per Yggdrasil Jewel.

Acquiring all seven Yggdrasil Jewels will not only will grant you the option of fully repairing the Amulet of Yggdrasil in full, but you will also unlock the PlayStation Trophy: “How’s it Going?” Luckily, two of the seven Yggdrasil Jewels will be found during the storyline automatically, while the other five Jewels need to be discovered and found on their own. Each slot can be filled with buffs that boost some of your stats, making finding all of them a very powerful thing.

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Location of each Yggdrasil Jewel

Jewel #1

These first two Yggdrasil Jewels will be found automatically as long as you progress through the God of War Ragnarok storyline. The first Yggdrasil Jewel you will come across will be during the ninth Main Quest called “The Word of Fate.” The Yggdrasil Jewel will be dropped by the Frost Phantom. Regardless of whether or not you pick up this Jewel, it will be back at the chest at the Blacksmith. You don’t have much to worry about missing this first Yggdrasil Jewel.

Jewel #2

Just like the first Jewel, the second one will be found automatically during the tenth Main Quest called “Forging Destiny.” This one will be dropped by the Ogre at the Forge. Just like the first Yggdrasil Jewel, this one will be placed in the chest at the Blacksmith if you didn’t get the chance to pick it up. There is no missing this one.