Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to get Chi-Yu, the Ruinous Pokemon

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In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the Ruinous Pokemon is the name for four Pokemon also known as the Treasures of Ruin. If you took the game’s in-game history classes, which you SHOULD, you’d know that there were four treasures offered to a king. A bowl, wooden tablets for writing, a sword, and a set of beads. The greedy king demanded all four. Shortly afterward, because of his greed, the powerful items became cursed, taking on a life of their own.

The bowl became Ting-Lu, the moose-like Pokemon with the ability to create massive fissures in the ground. The sword became Chien-Pao, a mischievous sabertooth tiger that loves creating avalanches and burying towns. The wooden tablets broke and became a large snail-like being Wo-Chien who absolutely loves destroying vegetation and causing famine, and the final one, that we’re going to cover today, the beads became a fish that burns so hot that it swims in sand and dirt, melting it immediately and turning it into pools of lava.

And you, young adventurer, are so lucky to be able to get one of these creatures of almost Four Horsemen-like stature and use them in your party for fun school events and misadventures!

How to get Chi-Yu in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

To get Chi-Yu though, you need to remove the chains off of the sealed gate at the Firescourge Shrine. And to remove the chains you need to find the eight stakes hidden in the land around it and remove them thus unleashing the cursed being and allowing you to fight and capture it. For the record, this is what you’ll be looking for eight of. The blue ones.

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Finding them is trick though, so luckily I took a picture of the map each time I grabbed a spike. Enjoy.

Blue Steak 1

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This one’s not bad. If you’ve already been to the lighthouse there you’ll have the little wing symbol allowing you to fast travel there. From the top of the lighthouse, you can just glide to the spot where you should see it from the air next to a tree.

Blue Steak 2

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Another one right next to a fast travel point. There’s a Pokecenter right nearby here so all you need to do is go there, set a waypoint, and then climb up the tall plateau nearby. It’s not even hiding by a tree or anything. Just out in the open.

Blue Steak 3

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This one is really conveniently placed. Not only is it in easy-to-spot ruins, but it’s also directly underneath a ledge with a TM on it AND if you look behind the pillar it’s next to you’ll find a little Gimmeghoul hiding out behind it. It’s a one-stop shop.

Blue Steak 4

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This one legit made me mad. Remember when you thought you were clever for climbing up the Fure Falls to find the Firescourge Shrine? Well…turns out if you climb a wee bit higher, onto the roof, you’ll find this steak right up there. Jerks.

Blue Steak 5

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This one’s not too hard to spot unless you’re coming at it from above. It’s next to a massive, wide tree so there’s a good chance if you’re flying there you won’t see it glow. But you’ll also notice a big massive tree so you’ll still know where to go.

Blue Steak 6

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On the south side of the mountain here you’ll find a really small ledge with the Blue Steak sitting in it.

Blue Steak 7

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This is another easy one to find. It’s right near one of the rivers that lead to the sea next to a rock. As the rock is relatively small so if you’re gliding into the area you’ll see the blue glow as soon as the game decides it’s necessary to render it.

Blue Steak 8

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This is another one of those steaks that are really hidden in a way that makes it really easy to find. It’s at the top of a very narrow plateau next to a huge tree. So if you can’t see the steak, look for a tall pillar of rock that has a tree placed on top of it like a weird land carrot.

From there, once you’ve gotten all eight you’re character will hear a strange noise and then face the direction of the shrine. Head on back and you’re ready to face off against Chi-Yu the weirdly adorable popeye goldfish-looking Dark/Fire type Pokemon with a lust for causing pools of lava and melting people alive in them. Enjoy!