Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to get Ting-Lu, the Ruinous Pokemon

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Despite the massive deluge of information Nintendo spoonfed us about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, one thing that they never mentioned was the Treasures of Ruin. As the lore goes (if you’ve been taking the history courses at the in-game school, which you SHOULD), a king was offered a choice to buy one of four treasures from a merchant: a sword, bowl, wooden tablet, or a chain of beads. The greedy king insisted on having all four. His greed cursed the items and they each broke and then turned into Pokemon.

The sword broke and formed the fangs of Chien-Pao. The wooden tablets broke and formed the shell of Wo-Chien. The beads became the eyes of Chi-Yu. And the bowl broke in half with the surface it was on becoming a body and  the two halves of the bowl becoming the antlers of Ting-Lu.

Here, we’re going to be talking about how to get Ting-Lu, the bowl that became a Dark/Ground-type stag.

How to get Ting-Lu in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

To get Ting-Lu we’re going to need to seek out the eight green stakes that cover the North Western portion of the map. They look like this:

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Upon gathering all eight, you’ll unlock the massive door at the Groundblight shrine which should be marked on your map if you listened to me earlier and knocked out your history lessons.

Here’s the location of the eight stakes.

Green Stake 1

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You’ll find it on a ledge near the North West corner of the land about halfway up the small plateau.

Green Stake 2

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This one is weirdly tricky. If you have the ability to fly, use it as you fly away from the mountain looking back on it. It’s stuck in the side of the mountain but not on a ledge or anything, just on the side so it is hard to see if you’re looking for a flat surface like the other ones are stuck in.

Green Stake 3

2022112811500300-1-A552196-CBAEC7-F073-BF13-D42-EA6-C787 /

Probably the easiest one to spot. It’s on the island where you encountered the False Dragon Titan. You more than likely snagged when you went after the Titan. If you didn’t you genuinely can’t miss it as it’s just out in the open, unobstructed by anything.

Green Stake 4

2022112811495200-1-A552196-CBAEC7-F073-BF13-D42-EA6-C787 /

This one is inside the weird cavernous area. You’ll have to check on top of the various pillars to find it. If you don’t have the ability to climb you can also get to it via a small hole in the roof directly above it.

Green Stake 5

2022112811494600-1-A552196-CBAEC7-F073-BF13-D42-EA6-C787 /

Find the waterfall near this area. It’s near that on this side of it. It’s right next to a large grey rock.

Green Stake 6

Ting-Lu-Map03 /

This one is near a large rock in plain view of a Pokecenter not far from the base of the mountain.

Green Stake 7

Ting-Lu-Map02 /

At the end of the island, there’s a little plateau. Near the highest point, facing the sea is the next stake.

Green Stake 8

Ting-Lu-Map04 /

On the little island, you’re going to look for a little ledge. It’s the closest to the water. You might have to squint though because it’s right by a tree that’s surprisingly good at blocking your view.

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Once you have all eight stakes you’ll be alerted that you heard a mysterious noise. That’s your cue to head back over to the gate itself. Opening it will throw you into battle with Ting-Lu. Just make sure to save your game prior to battling it in case you happen to defeat it before you can catch it.