Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to evolve Azurill and Marill

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Many of the Pokemon in the newly released Nintendo Switch games, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, have different ways to evolve. Whether you’re collecting coins with Gimmighoul, going on a stroll with Pawmo, visiting friends (or other players) with Finizen, raging with Primeape, or even getting two halves to see eye-to-eye with Girafarig, there are a lot of different and bizarre methods to get your Pokemon to their final forms.

Others require the tried and true method of simply leveling up your Pokemon like the starters, for example.

Getting your Azurill to an Azumarill requires a bit of leveling but with one minor hurdle.

Let’s say you find yourself catching an Azurill at the beginning of the game. I don’t fault you for it. The little bouncing blue mouse is an adorable Pokemon that was designed to capitalize on the popularity of Pikachu and lead to a trend in every game since having a Pokemon that’s Pikachu-like. There was some work put into the little guy.

You’re fighting with it though and you notice that no matter what level it gets to it’s just not evolving. Why is that? Well, seems like you’re not being the friendliest trainer.

Azurill can evolve at pretty much any level as long as it’s currently at the max friendship level. This means that in addition to just having it in your party and fighting with it, you need to be playing with it at picnics, washing it, and taking it for “Let’s Go” walks. Things of that sort.

There’s no indicator or meter for friendship but just keep at it and eventually, it will level up and the evolution will happen.

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From there, if you want to get your Marill to evolve into the taller bunny form as Azumarill, you’re simply going to make sure to get Marill to level 18 and the transformation will take place.