Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to evolve Happiny and Chansey into Blissey

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The newly released Pokemon Scarlet and Violet for Nintendo Switch feature many different ways to evolve your Pokemon. While your starters require the tired and true method of simply leveling up your pokemon to evolve, others like Gimmighoul, Pawmo, Finizen, Primeape and Girafarig are some of the Pokemon that require some extra steps.

But then you have the evolutionary line of Happiny, Chansey, and Blissey. Getting through this line will require you to jump through enough hoops where you might just find yourself hunting for them separately instead of evolving one. But let’s say you started off with a Happiny and you want to keep it through your journey. Here’s what you’ve got to do.

Once you have a Happiny in your party you’re going to make sure it’s holding an Oval Stone. Fortunately, you can find them holding them in the wild sometimes so the one you captured might come with one. If not, you just have to start looking or hoping to find one at a merchant.

From there, all you need to do is level it while it’s holding the Oval Stone and it’ll evolve into the round egg boy Chansey.

But Chansey still has another evolution — the absolute HP wall known as Blissey. And as its name describes, it needs to be pretty dang happy to want to get there.

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To get your Chansey to turn into a Blissey, it needs to evolve while its friendship level is maxed. There’s no good meter to tell when this happens so you just need to make sure you keep Chansey with you, walk with it sometimes, wash it and play with it in the picnic mode and just generally engage with it on a regular basis. Do that and it’ll become Blissey in no time.