God of War Ragnarok: All nine flower locations from Nine Realms in Bloom

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6. Ironbell Flower (Jotunheim Realm)

In order to find the Ironbell Flower you are going to want to travel to the Mystic Gateway at the Angrboda’s Treehouse. From the Mystic Gateway, turn around and take the path to the left. Continue to follow this path and you will eventually run into the Ironbell Flower planted in the ground.

7. Mirkweed Flower (Midgard Realm)

You will find the Mirkweed Flower at Sanctuary Grove in Midgard. The giant tortoise, Chaurli, is a great landmark to use in order to find this flower. To the left of the giant tortoise down the path, you will find the flower. This is where Freya’s old house used to be.

8. Soulblossom Flower (Helheim Realm)

To find Soulblossom, you will want to take the Mystic Gateway to Hel’s Perch. From the Mystic Gateway, turn around, head down the stairs, and hook a left. There will then be a way that Kratos can grapple on to get over. You can pull up the map and you will see “Shipyard of the Fallen.” To the left of this area is a spot where Kratos can throw your Draupnir Spear into the wall so that he can cross the gap in the air. The Soulblossom Flower will be waiting for you on the other side.

9. Starblush Flower (Vanaheim Realm)

Take the Mystic Gateway to The Sinkholes in the Vanaheim Realm. If you haven’t completed the Favor: Return of the River, you won’t be able to access the Starblush Flower. Once you complete the Favor: Return of the River, the river will flow, and you can go and collect the Starblush Flower. Sail down the river until you see a dock with a blue flag. Get out of the boat and take the path up to the Celestial Altar. Follow the path past the Celestial Altar and you should have no problem finding the Starblush Flower.

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Once you have all nine flowers, you have completed the Favor: Nine Realms in Bloom. You will also unlock The Florist Trophy for God of War Ragnarok. This Favor takes plenty of time because you have to do a lot of traveling to eight of nine different Realms and you must have completed the game. There is no shortage of activities to keep you busy, but that is one of the reasons on what makes God of War Ragnarok such a fantastic game with amples amount of replayability.