Everything we know about Overwatch 2’s new tank hero Ramattra

Blizzard /

Overwatch 2 only launched with three new heroes added to the roster, but a fourth is coming soon. As Blizzard has promised, a new Tank hero is coming to the game at the start of Season 2 in December, and this week we finally got to see who it will be.

Joining the Overwatch 2 multiplayer free on December 6 will be Ramattra, the leader of Null Sector, the extremist/terrorist group fighting to achieve omnic rights by any means necessary.

Fans actually got to see Ramattra at the end of the “Storm Rising” event in Overwatch. But with Blizzard’s official announcement today, we got a deeper understanding of Ramattra’s rise to power and his motivation.

"Originally a war machine, Ramattra shed his munitions for a shield to protect his people by promoting peace and tranquility. His ideals weren’t far removed from his fellow Shambli monk, Zenyatta. However, Ramattra’s story is one of hardships, trauma, and a magnified view of humanity’s harsh realities."

Ramattra will be the game’s 11th tank. While Blizzard stopped short of revealing specific ability details, we do know that he will offer a unique mechanic in the ability to switch between two forms. His standard Omnic form will see Ramattra wield a staff that fires projectiles and create a barrier to protect his fellow teammates.

He also has a cooldown ability that transforms into his second form, Nemesis. In this mode, he transforms into one of the game’s largest characters — something Blizzard describes as “scary and menacing.” While in nemesis form, Ramattra becomes a giant brawler. While he becomes a more aggressive tank in this form, it also makes him more susceptible to enemy attacks as he’s a bigger target.

Ramattra’s transform ability will open up new gameplay options for tank players that will allow them to become more than just meat shields. Depending on the situation, they’ll be able to choose between protecting their teammates with barriers and longer-range attacks or going for a more aggressive charge in Nemesis form, which can help counter “bubbles” from other tanks such as Winston and Zarya.

As per Overwatch 2’s new hero release format, Ramattra can be unlocked immediately by purchasing the Premium version of the Season 2 Battle Pass. Players who stick to the free version of the pass will need to reach the required Level 55 of it, although it’s possible this requirement could change. In any case, Ramattra is set to arrive in Season 2 on December 6.