Overwatch 2: New heroes to release every alternate season

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When Overwatch 2 launches in October, the team-based shooter will introduce three new heroes: Sojourn, Junker Queen and Kiriko. This will bring the game’s roster to a total of 35 heroes. But it won’t stay like that for long.

In detailing Overwatch 2’s Battle Pass, Blizzard talked a bit about the release cadence of new heroes. As I mentioned, Season 1 will introduce Sojourn, Junker Queen and Kiriko.

Season 2, which begins on December 6, will then add a new tank hero. From there, the plan is to add a new hero every alternate season, meaning a new hero in Season 4 and then another new one in Season 6.

Based on the content road map, it looks like each season will last roughly two months. That would mean 6 new heroes a year, which honestly seems like a bit much.

For comparison, the first Overwatch game launched with  21 characters and added between two to three new heroes every year. The last character to be released in Overwatch was Echo, who arrived on April 2020, just months after Overwatch 2 was announced.

As we previously pointed out, every new hero that comes to Overwatch 2 will be gated behind the Battle Pass. Although you will be able to earn them through the free track, you’ll need to hit Tier 55 in order to unlock them. Alternatively, you can instantly unlock them by buying the Premium Battle Pass.

In Season 1, anyone who logs in and plays will receive Junker Queen and Sojourn automatically. Kiriko will have to be earned through the Battle Pass or unlocked by buying the Premium track.

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If you miss a season and fail to earn the hero associated with that Battle Pass, you will be able to still unlock them in the future.  We don’t know the specific details, but it will involve completing special challenges or acquiring them directly from the in-game shop with Overwatch Coins.