Clash of Clans: 3-Star attack strategy for Town Hall 12

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Following Town Hall 11, Town Hall 12 can be a significant change in the behavior of players’ defenses in Clash of Clans. The introduction of a new troop – the Yeti – seems to have diverted players to this attack strategy.

Added base defenses like the Inferno Tower make it harder for beginners, and sometimes even veterans, when it comes to attack strategy. The follow composition and attack strategy could help you conquer villages at Town Hall 12.

Army Composition of the attack for Town Hall 12 attack strategy

  • Archers: 3
  • Giant: 1
  • Balloons: 10
  • Wizard: 1
  • Dragons: 7
  • Minions: 2
  • Ice Golem: 2
  • Super Wall Breaker: 1
  • Super Goblins: 2
  • Lightning Spells: 6
  • Freeze Spell: 1
  • Poison Spell: 1
  • Earthquake Spell: 3
  • Clam Castle: 8 Balloons, 1 heal spell, and battle blimp

Starting with the attack

Step 1: Air Defense execution

Take down three air defenses with 2 lighting spells + 1 earthquake spell. Players can use the earthquake spell to take more damage by increasing its attacking range.

Step 2: Create a funnel and destroy Eagle Artillery

Super Goblins, Giants, Wizards, and Electro Dragons are the means to achieve the end of funneling. Funnel will enable ice golem and heroes to destroy Eagle Artillery. Try to use as few troops as possible in doing step 2.

When the funnel is in the way, deploy an ice golem and follow it with minions, wizards, and heroes. You can use a wall breaker to get into the walls.

Step 3: Get started with Dragons

When Eagle Artillery is destroyed, deploy dragons and follow them with balloons. Use Grand Warden and deploy Battle Blimp. When Battle Blimp is in the radius of the grand warden, use its ability. This will allow the battle blimp to reach Town Hall, enabling balloons in Blimp to wipe out.

Step 4: Use of Spells

Using the spells is considered the essence of the attack. Be precise in using it. Using poison spells at the correct time will allow the execution of clan castle troops, which will give durability to our troops. Try to use heal spells at the correct place where most of the dragons will be revived.

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Final Words

Though the TH12 seems like a leap in difficulty, proper implementation of this strategy given will almost always secure three stars in war and battles.