Overwatch 2: Cyber Demon Genji is the first Mythic Skin

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With Overwatch 2’s release right around the corner, Blizzard has fully detailed how the game’s Battle Pass system will operate. For the most part, it will be consistent with what we’ve seen from other games’ battle passes.

There’s a free track and a premium track you can purchase with varying tiers of cosmetic rewards. The premium track will contain over 60 cosmetics to unlock, including the all-new Cyber Demon Genji Mythic skin.

Mythic Skins are brand new to Overwatch 2. It’s an entirely new tier beyond the existing legendary skins.

So what is so special about these Mythic skins? They are highly customizable. As Blizzard explains, they feature certain layers or elements that you can mix and match, such as different color schemes and patterns.

The first Mythic skin coming to Overwatch 2 is Cyber Demon Genji. Blizzard is planning to release a new Mythic skin in every season’s Battle Pass, though.

While the prospect of a customizable skin is certainly intriguing, not everyone is happy with the idea of tying them to a specific season battle pass. The concern is that once the season ends, there will be no way to obtain that specific Mythic skin. For example, if you don’t get the Season One Battle Pass, you may not be able to get the Cyber Demon Genji Mythic Skin.

Of course, this could be by design. What better way to entice players to purchase a battle pass than with an exclusive skin that they may not be able to unlock or purchase ever again? It’s not the most consumer-friendly model, but Blizzard would hardly be the only to do this. Fortnite does something similar with its own outfits.

Many Overwatch players are hoping Blizzard goes the Halo Infinite route which would make it so they could continue to work on previous battle passes even after the season’s end. This would allow players to retroactively obtain skins they may have missed.

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I know Blizzard wants to encourage players to be active and grind, but I don’t see the harm in making previous battle passes available for purchase even after a season ends. As long as players pay for it, what’s the problem?