Madden 23: Best teams for WR in Face of the Franchise

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The NFL has become a passing league in recent years and wide receiver is now a premiere position. In recent years, we’ve seen an influx of young talent at receiver which makes things difficult for a fifth-year player in Face of the Franchise for Madden 23.

Looking at the offers, finding the best team for a wide receiver in Madden 23’s FOTF isn’t quite as clear as it is with other positions, such as quarterback.

The best grades you’ll find as wide receiver is C or C-. But I’m just going to go ahead and rule out signing with the Texans or Titans because of how bad their quarterback situation is. The other teams on this list all have top-tier quarterbacks which puts you in a position to excel as a wide receiver.

Madden 23: Best teams for a Wide Receiver in FOTF

Baltimore Ravens (C)

The Ravens are an interesting choice. They are a C-rated grade, which is among the best of all the teams, and they’ve got a top-10 quarterback in Lamar Jackson. They also have a big hole at wide receiver with Rashod Bateman (77 OVR) as their best-rated wide receiver. The Ravens also offer a scheme fit, which means you could have increased success in the offense.

Green Bay Packers (C)

Aaron Rodgers, need I say more? You’d be playing with the second-best-rated quarterback in Madden 23.

Following the departure of Davante Adams this offseason, the Packers lack a true No.1 receiving threat. There’s a real chance for you to jump in and become Rodgers’ primary target. The best-rated wide receiver on the Packers in Madden 23 is Sammy Watkins at a 79 overall.

Kansas City Chiefs (C-)

The Chiefs are the best C- team to sign with as a wide receiver and possibly the best of this batch thanks to quarterback Patrick Mahomes. If you choose not to sign with the Packers, the Chiefs and their high-powered offense give you the best shot to resurrect your career. In addition to playing with the third-highest-rated quarterback in the game, the Chiefs also offer a scheme fit. That could give them the edge over the Packers.

Indianapolis Colts (C-)

Besides the Chiefs, the only other C- team I’d sign with as a wide receiver is the Indianapolis Colts and that’s because of Matt Ryan. Although the Colts are primarily a running team, Ryan could fling it around the field. And with Pittman Jr. as the only true receiving threat on the team, there’s a good opportunity for you here.

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Which team should you sign with?

There’s probably no wrong answer as every team is rated just about evenly in terms of contract grade. I think the Ravens, Packers or Chiefs are the three best options with the Colts acting as a distant fourth. If I had to pick my primary team, I’d go with the Chiefs as you get to play in a pass-focused offense with a scheme fit and with one of the best quarterbacks in the league. But playing with Aaron Rodgers isn’t a bad option either.