Madden 23: Best teams for QB in Face of the Franchise

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Face of the Franchise returns to Madden 23 this year only this time, things are a bit different with your career. Rather than beginning your career as a fresh young prospect with a bright future ahead of him, you’re stepping into the role of an underutilized fith-year free agent. As such, you begin Face of the Franchise in the midst of free agency with the ability to sign a contract with any team in the NFL.

When looking at all the contracts available to you, there are a few things you’ll want to take note of. For starters, you’ll want to look at the Grade next to each team. A team’s Grade takes into account your skill level and position as well as the team’s contract offer value. Like in school, an A+ means you’re the perfect missing piece.

You’ll also notice some teams have a puzzle piece next to their grade. This indicates your player’s style (Agile vs Balanced vs Bruiser) fits into their scheme. But honestly, with the new build system offering more variety and flexibility with your player, I wouldn’t put too much weight into the scheme.

The key things you want to take into account when selecting a team is their position depth so you can jump in and play right away, the talent surrounding you to help you excel on the field, and the value of the contract so you can level your player more quickly.

Madden 23: Best teams for a Quarterback in FOTF

Indianapolis Colts (A)

The Colts check in with an A-grade contract, making them one of the best teams to sign with. There’s a lot of talent on the team and it starts with Jonathan Taylor. As a quarterback, it helps to have a running back you can lean on, opening up the play action.

The Colts have a stellar line anchored by LG Quenton Nelson (95 OVR) and RT Braden Smith (85 OVR). Michael Pittman Jr. is the lead receiver with an 83 Overall.

The Colts lack a franchise quarterback, and you could be that player. They don’t have the most explosive weapons on offense but they are the most balanced team of the bunch with an 82 overall rating and a 79 rated offense.

Seattle Seahawks (B)

The Seattle Seahawks don’t have a quarterback. That alone makes them a tremendous landing spot for you to jump in and make a difference right away.

With Tyler Lockett (90 OVR), D.K. Metcalf (89 OVR) and Noah Fant (82 OVR), you’ll have plenty of weapons at your disposal. The Seahawks have one of the worst team ratings in the game which means you may find it difficult to win games. But they’ve got a starting opportunity and some fantastic players at the skill position.

What will make things difficult for you is their lack of an offensive line. RG Gabe Jackson is their best offensive lineman with just a 78 Overall rating. The Seahawks are rated just 70 in Offense but that is likely to do with the bad offensive line and quarterback situation.

Pittsburgh Steelers (B)

Another B-rated contract and another team without a quarterback. Although the Steelers drafted Kenny Pickett, he’s not ready to step in and play immediately. This gives you a chance to shine.

The Steelers are anchored by their 87 overall rated defense. The 70 overall rated offense leaves a lot to be desired. The lack of talent aside from WR Diontae Johnson (85 OVR) and RB Najee Harris (85 OVR) could make finding success harder than with other teams on this list. But the potential is there.

Minnesota Vikings (B)

The Minnesota Vikings are a B-rated contract, but they may just be the best fit of all the teams. The Vikings have an overall team rating of 80, but also have the best offensive rating at 80.

If you sign with the Vikings you’ve got two amazing receivers in Justin Jefferson (93 OVR) and Adam Thielen (88 OVR). You’ve also got one of the best running backs in the game in Dalvin Cook (94 OVR). The offensive line could use some help but overall this is a solid fit for a veteran QB to come in and thrive.

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Which team should you sign with?

If it were up to me, I’d sign with the Minnesota Vikings. Although the Colts have the best contract grade and a talented team, the Vikings give you the most weapons and the best offense. The Seahawks are interesting because of their receivers, but that offensive line is just atrocious.

The Vikings are probably the best choice. That being said, there’s no wrong choice. Pick the team that most appeals to you — maybe it’s your favorite NFL team — and just enjoy the ride.