Madden 23: When is the Week 1, 53-man roster update coming?

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Today is the official release date of Madden 23. While some have been enjoying early access, today is the day we can all take to the gridiron. However, if you are looking to play Franchise mode, you may want to wait before starting one yet. That’s because the official 53-man rosters are not set yet.

As it’s still currently preseason in the NFL, cuts are still being made as rosters are finalized around the league. This means the rosters you see in Madden 23 at launch are not 100 percent reflective of what we’ll see at the start of the NFL season.

If you want the most up-to-date rosters when playing Franchise mode in Madden 23, you’ll want to wait until the Week 1 roster update arrives. So when will that be exactly?

When is the NFL’s 53-man roster cut deadline?

Week 1 of the 2022 NFL season kicks off on Thursday, September 8. However, the deadline for teams to cut down to 53 players is Tuesday, August 30 at 4:00 p.m. This doesn’t mean that Madden will be updated on August 30, though. After all, there are typically hundreds of roster updates to be made.

When is the Week 1 Roster Update releasing for Madden 23?

Historically, the Week 1 roster update for Madden arrives hours before the first Thursday night game of the season.

The Week 1 update for Madden 21, for example, came on September 10, hours before the Thursday Night kickoff game. The final roster cut for that season came on September 9, so it took a little over a week fo rEA to make the changes.

For Madden 22, the final roster cut for last year was August 31. The Week 1 roster update went live on September 10 which, again was just hours before the kickoff of the NFL season.

So it’s probably safe to assume that the Week 1 roster update for Madden 23 will release on Thursday, September 8.

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Expect some smaller roster updates soon though

That being said, we can probably expect some smaller roster updates to be made throughout the preseason. Last year, EA released two smaller roster updates before the massive Week 1 update. The first update was on launch week while the second was reflective of a cut day that trimmed roster sizes down to 80 players. If EA stays the course, then we can expect one update this week and another around August 23 (the 80-man rosters). The Week 1 update would then come on September 8.

Of course, none of this is confirmed. This is merely my speculation based on previous years.