Cuphead DLC: How to transform Cursed Relic into Divine Relic

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Cuphead has always drawn gamers in with its great gameplay mechanics and amazing graphics. Now that the Cuphead DLC is out, it allows gamers to once again travel throughout the universe and fight new bosses, collect new items, and discover tons of new secrets. One of the new items that you can acquire is the Divine Relic. According to the “Paladin” Achievement/Trophy that you unlock for acquiring the Divine Relic, you obtain great power for having this relic and that isn’t wrong.

In order to get the Divine Relic in your possession, you must follow a few steps and transform the Broken Relic into the Cursed Relic and the Cursed Relic into the Divine Relic.

Getting the Broken Relic is fairly simple. All you have to do is go to the Porkrind Emporium and purchase the Broken Relic for 1 coin. Once you have the Broken Relic, it has no power until you solve the Graveyard Puzzle that is located above the Howling Aces boss fight location.

Once you have solved the Graveyard Puzzle and head up the beam of light that shines down on the center grave, you will now have the opportunity to fight the Nightmare boss. If you successfully defeat the Nightmare boss, the Broken Relic will be transformed into the Cursed Relic.

Now that you have the Cursed Relic, it is time to turn it into the Divine Relic. When the Cursed Relic is equipped, you will spawn with 1 HP. Also, every time you fire your gun, it will have a different gun effect. While you have the Cursed Relic equipped, you will have to defeat a total of seven different boss battles in Cuphead.

These bosses can be from the original Cuphead base game or from the Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course DLC. Any seven bosses will do the trick. After you start defeating bosses with the Cursed Relic equipped, you will notice that the Cursed Relic eyeball icon will start to grow eyelashes depending on how many bosses you have defeated. Once you have defeated seven bosses, the Cursed Relic will turn into the Divine Relic.

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Once you have the Divine Relic, you will also unlock the Paladin Achievement/Trophy. The power that you receive with the Divine Relic equipped is that you will spawn with 3 HP instead of 1 HP and still have the randomized weapon effect. This can come in handy in certain situations and starting with 3 HP makes the effect of the Divine Relic way more worth it than the Cursed Relic. Now that you know how to obtain great power, what are you waiting for? Get down to business and acquire that Divine Relic!