Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course: Graveyard Puzzle solution

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Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course has been released for almost about three weeks now and after lots of anticipation, gamers have finally been able to get their Cuphead fix in once again. The Delicious Last Course DLC is additional content added to the game that allows you to explore a new island with news bosses, new items, and tons of new secrets to uncover.

If you haven’t gotten to play The Delicious Last Course as of yet or if you have but don’t know to unlock the secrets of the Graveyard that is located above the Howling Aces boss fight location, there is an easy way to solve this Graveyard mystery. You won’t be able to access the Graveyard location right off of the get go and it will take the defeat of a few bosses in order to gain access to this area. Once the area is unlocked and you can access this Graveyard location, you can begin to solve the mystery behind the Graveyard.

The first thing you are going to want to do first is head over to the Porkrind Emporium. At the Porkrind Emporium you will need to purchase the Broken Relic Charm that costs one coin. If you don’t have this Relic Charm, you will not be able to progress in solving the Graveyard Puzzle mystery.

After you have purchased the Broken Relic Charm, you may notice that there are three climbers that are standing next to the Porkrind Emporium each of them on a ranked podium. Based off of the order of which they placed, that will decide the order of tombstone combination in the Graveyard. This means that you will need to talk to the first-place winner, then the second-place winner, and finally the third-place winner you will need to talk to them last. Pay close attention to what each of the characters are saying when you talk to them.

In their dialogue, they will mention a direction. For example, if you talk to the first-place winner and his dialogue states: “Leave it to an upright citizen like me to win the whole thing!” you will want to take note of the upright part of his dialogue. The directions that are given in each of the characters dialogue is completely random for each player. That means my solution is most likely going to be different from your solution, so it is great to carefully pay attention to what each podium contestant is saying.

Once you have all three directions memorized, you can head over to the Graveyard and interact with the tombstones based off of the information you just received. It is really important that you use the middle of the nine tombstones as your point on reference. If the first-place finisher mentioned right, the second-place finisher mentioned left bottom, and the third-place finisher mentions upper right, then you know the tombstones you would want to interact with based off their dialogue. However, you always start with the middle tombstone as a reference point. If it says left bottom, you go left bottom from the middle tombstone. There are a total of three rows and three tombstones in each row so it shouldn’t be too hard to keep track of.

Once you interact with the correct tombstones, a beam of light will shoot down from the sky and you will be able to start the secret Nightmare boss battle. Once you successfully defeat the Nightmare boss battle, the Broken Relic Charm will be fixed and turned into a Cursed Relic. The Cursed Relic gives you one HP and every time you fire your gun it shoots a random gun effect. It sounds like this Relic wouldn’t be fun to use, but it can be rewarding if you can defeat every boss with this Relic equipped. Doing that will also unlock an achievement/trophy for doing so.

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Now that you know how to unlock the secrets of the Graveyard, go give it a try for yourself and unlock the Cursed Relic and try to see how many bosses you can defeat with it equipped. This adds a lot more replay ability to Cuphead and adds an additional challenge to the game to pass some time.