Elden Ring developer FromSoftware currently hiring for future new projects

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Developers FromSoftware has gotten off to a hot start in 2022 and has gotten a lot of praise for their newest video game Elden Ring. Elden Ring, which was released back in February, has been one of the best games of 2022 so far and is a real contender to take the 2022 Game of the Year title.

Hot on the heels of Elden Ring’s success, it appears FromSoftware is gearing up to start working on new projects.

FromSoftware posted an interesting Tweet that translates to the following: “We have started recruiting staff for a wide range of occupations for multiple new projects. We look forward to working with you on making games with FromSoftware. Please check the special site if you like.”

Underneath the Tweet is a link to FromSoftware’s recruiting page for each position that they are looking to hire. Programmers, Engineers, Artists, and Designers are all some of the 22 different positions that they are looking to recruit for.

These “multiple new projects” that FromSoftWare plans to be working on can be a whole variety of different things. One of them is no doubt Elden Ring DLC. I don’t know necessarily if FromSoftware would be recruiting specifically for Elden Ring DLC, but it is a possibility. However, I think that they are currently working on Elden Ring DLC as we speak. The video game is only four months old so we know they will be working on Elden Ring for a very long time and DLC is one of the next biggest things on the horizon for it. There is no doubt Elden Ring DLC coming, but we don’t know exactly when.

Another idea that has been floating around is the next game in the Armored Core franchise. The last Armored Core game in the series was Armored Core: Verdict Day and that was released all the way back in 2013. Since it has been roughly 9 years since the franchise’s last release, we are due for another installment.

Let’s not forget about FromSoftware’s Dark Souls, Bloodbourne, and Sekiro franchises either. While it is unlikely that all three would get a new installment all at once, they may all get new entries eventually, and thus the reason they would want to recruit for them now.

Another completely wild idea is FromSoftware recruiting for an entirely new video game franchise. This is perhaps one of the likeliest of ideas. FromSoftware has had so much success with their franchises, not from just this year alone, but from their older ones as well. Taking on the journey of creating something new would only get fans even more excited and willing to embark on a new adventure.

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Given that there are “multiple new projects” in the works, all of the speculations can be true. Elden Ring DLC, next installments to current game franchises, and new franchises as a whole all may be on the horizon. The one thing we know for sure is that Elden Ring is the current new FromSoftware game to get your hands on at the moment and it is a must-play for all types of video game fans.