The Quarry: How to find every collectible in Chapter 1

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If you enjoyed Until Dawn, the spiritual successor The Quarry is going to take you on an even wilder ride than its 2015 predecessor. After you get through the game’s Prologue, you will begin to really get into the meat and potatoes of the game.

Throughout the game, you may naturally come across a handful of the 72 collectibles that are available to you. The Prologue has five collectibles that are fairly easy to collect, but then Chapter 1 throws seven more at your way. If you are having trouble finding all seven of them, this guide will surely point you in the right direction.

1. Hunting Notice Clue

Very early on in Chapter 1, Jacob and Kaitlyn have a conversation with one another. Once the conversation comes to an end, you will be able to free roam with Jacob and explore the area around you. There will be a green station wagon that is pointed in the direction of a wooden fence with some larger rocks. Behind the wooden fence you will see a Hunting Notice that you can have Jacob interact with and retrieve the first clue in Chapter 1 of The Quarry.

2. Camp Plague Clue

When you retrieve the Hunting Notice Clue, you can travel to the driver’s side of the green station wagon and there will be a set of stairs that lead up to a wooden balcony of the Hackett’s Quarry. If you look on the wall next to the main door, there will be a plaque that says, “Hackett’s Quarry.” All you have to do is go an interact with that plague and the clue if officially yours.

3. Temperance Tarot Card

The Temperance Tarot Card is the second Tarot Card that you can come across in The Quarry. From the Camp Plague Clue, keep heading to the left on the balcony and around the corner to the right. There is a window that Jacob will open and sneak through in order to get inside the cabin. Once inside go left to where the bookshelves are, and you should see a door that leads into an open area with a bunch of tables. When you first enter the room with all the wooden tables, make a hard right and there will be a little area with a kitchen. The Temperance Tarot Card is located in the kitchen and will make itself known as soon as you enter the kitchen.


There is going to come a point in Chapter 1 where you are going to have to make a very important decision that will be necessary in order to get a Piece of Evidence collectible later in Chapter 3. When you get to the point of Chapter 1 when you are given the option on how you want to sabotage the car, you must choose to take the Rotar Arm if you want to get a specific Piece of Evidence later on in Chapter 3. If you don’t make this decision in Chapter 1, you will not be able to collect a certain Piece of Evidence in Chapter 3.

4. Newspaper Headline Scrap Clue

After the whole sabotage takes place on the car, you transition from playing as Jacob as now playing as Abigail. When you get to the point in time where you are with Emma and you have choices of whether or not you should “Leave Bags” or “Break In,” you are going to want to choose the “Break In” option so that you can break into Cabin 10. After you enter Cabin 10, walk towards the camera past the first row of beds and make a right turn with Abigail. You will see a window along with the Newspaper Headline Scrap Clue laying on the floor.

5. Camp Song Recording Clue

Finding the Camp Song Recording Clue perhaps takes the least amount of effort to find. All you have to do for this one is leave Cabin 10 and head over to Cabin 8. The Camp Song Recording is literally just laying up against the steps that lead up to the door on Cabin 8.

6. Empty Vial Evidence

The Empty Vial Evidence is the first Evidence collectible that you will find on your journey in The Quarry. If you turn around after getting the Camp Fire Recording Clue, there will be this massive tree that is in the ground that is the center point for all the cabins in the area. Head over to the big tree and there will be an option to interact with a little area on the ground which will contain the Empty Vial Evidence.

7. Information Signpost Clue

The last collectible you will find in Chapter 1 is the Information Signpost Clue. Directly to the right of the big tree where you found the Empty Vial Evidence, there is a signpost that has all the arrows point in different directions that tell you where you need to go based on the area you are looking for. Head over to the signpost and interact with it and you will have officially found all seven collectibles that you are able to find in Chapter 1 of The Quarry.

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After you have grinded through getting each of these collectibles, you can just finish off the Chapter as you normally would. There is nothing else that is needed to be found and you should just focus on the beauty of the storyline at this point. Another thing that you can do is play through The Quarry in full once and then make it a point to replay the video game and collect all the collectibles on a second playthrough. Regardless, the collectibles in Chapter 1 are not that hard to acquire by any means.