Genshin Impact Yelan Build Guide: Best Weapons and Artifacts you need

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Yelan is a powerful Hydro support unit that can deal a massive tide of damage off-field. She has some special considerations to take when building, so here are the best Weapons and Artifacts to make the strongest Yelan builds in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Yelan Build Guide – The best Weapons and Artifacts you need

Yelan Weapons

Most of Yelan’s kit does not scale with Attack; they scale with her HP stat. Look for Bows that offer Crit or Recharge.

For five-star options, her signature Aqua Simulacra and Elegy for the End are her best. Aqua Simulacra gives Crit DMG and an HP buff, but the more important effect is that it increases damage when enemies are nearby. This gives Yelan higher damage numbers.

Elegy is better for reaction-based teams, especially ones that are built on Vaporizing Yelan’s off-field attacks. The Energy Recharge sub-stat is helpful for keeping Yelan’s Depth-Clarion Dice handy, and the Elemental Master buff it provides your entire team can be enormously powerful when built around.

For four-star options, the go-to support Bows like Favonius Warbow and Sacrificial Bow are great choices. They both offer Energy Recharge as a sub-stat, and can fuel your Energy in different ways. Favonius can generate extra particles, while Sacrificial resets your Elemental Skill’s cool-down to achieve a similar effect.

With that extra Lingering Lifeline charge, you can more effectively wrangle enemies together. It’s a little extra something that can come in handy if you’re using Yelan to back up Ayaka in Freeze teams.

The event weapon in 2.7, Fading Twilight, is another decent choice. It also has Energy Recharge as a sub-stat, and it offers a rotation of Damage buffs as attacks hit. Every seven seconds, a hit will move Fading Twilight’s buff to 6%, 10% and 14%. Yelan’s Elemental Burst lasts 15 seconds, so you’ll want to time your abilities to maximize damage.

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Yelan Artifacts

For Yelan’s Artifacts, look for HP%, Crit, and Energy Recharge in her sub-stats. You’ll want to build her Sands for HP or Energy Recharge, depending on sub-stats. HP will increase her Damage, but Recharge lets you have her powerful Burst ready at all times. The Goblet should be Hydro Damage, and the Circlet can be Crit or HP, depending on what you need.

4 Emblem of Severed Fate

Her best set is a complete suite of Emblem of Severed Fate. It gives 20% Energy Recharge, and an Elemental Burst damage bonus equal to 25% of her total Recharge. This maximizes damage from her Burst.

4 Noblesse Oblige

Similar to Emblem, this is a Burst oriented set that provides more support for your other characters. Two pieces gives a 20% Burst damage bonus, and the four-piece gives another 20% Attack buff for your entire team. Yelan does a little less damage herself, but this greatly enhances the other characters you have.

2 Heart of Depth / 2 Tenacity of the Millelith

This combination is just a generically strong build for Yelan. The Heart of Depth gives a 15% Hydro Damage bonus while the Tenacity of the Millelith pieces give a 20% HP increase.

You can also mix and match two-pieces from Emblem and Noblesse here as well, depending on how strong the pieces’ sub-stats are.