Genshin Impact’s hilarious easter egg at the Apple Event

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Genshin Impact made a surprise appearance at the March 8 Apple Event. The game was used to show off the processing and gaming capabilities of the new iPad, and whoever assembled the gameplay footage hid a fun easter egg for long-time players. Here’s the big Genshin Impact Apple Event easter egg you may have missed.

Genshin Impact’s big easter egg at the Apple Event

If you’ve been shopping for mobile devices like tablets, you’ll surely have seen Genshin Impact being used as a benchmark to test the performance capabilities. Last year’s iPad was a standout for gaming performance, and we saw a lot of people test driving Genshin on them.

You’ll notice that these showcases typically are not very far in the game. The people making these reviews and impressions are busy, well, writing reviews and videos. It’s understandable why they’re not that far in the game, but Apple wanted to be different.

Apple presented the iPad Air with a scene featuring Raiden Shogun on Seirai Island in Inazuma. The purple on purple looked stunning, and was surprising to see the game on such a big product launch.

The account had a team of Raiden, Jean, Yae Miko and Keqing. That’s a great all-Electro team comp, and it shows whoever assembled the showcase footage actually knew what they were presenting. Raiden even had Engulfing Lightning and the Inazuma glider.

Most likely, this footage was crafted in collaboration with Hoyoverse for the product placement. The character and location choice must have been for aesthetics first, as most Electro characters have a purple motif. The addition of Jean rounds out the team, however, and shows an attention to detail only Genshin fans will notice.

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The easter egg happens during the sizzle reel at the end of the iPad segment. The purple iPad Air shows a fight against the Thunder Manifestation, also on Seirai Island. Raiden, Traveler, Keqing and Yae Miko are on the team. There’s lots of purple to show off that purple iPad, but do you notice anything weird about this set up?

The mono Electro team cannot effectively damage the Thunder Manifestation, as the Boss is immune to Electro damage. This can’t be a coincidence, it has to be a gag snuck in for players to find. The person who assembled the footage needed to have known what was going on. The set up is too complex for it to not be a joke.

Sure they can deal Physical damage, and Traveler could be Anemo or Geo, but having a mono-Electro team against the Thunder Manifestation is hilarious. You can even see a big old “Immune” marker as the player feverishly jams the Normal attack button.

I really appreciate this attention to detail, no matter if it was an inside joke by a Hoyoverse employee, Apple’s meticulous approach to marketing, or a little bit of both.