Pokemon Legends: Arceus: Best way to farm Aguav Berries


2022 started off with Pokemon’s newest installment being Pokemon Legends: Arceus. As gamers have been trying to collect them all in this new game, there is a very good chance that they have stumbled upon Aguav Berries.

Aguav Berries are used for a multitude of different things in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, which is why it’s always good to stock up on them if you have the chance. You can heal your Pokemon for half of its max HP, you can use it as a type of bait, or you can use it to decipher different species of Pokemon in a given area — which is perhaps its most powerful use.

Farming Aguav Berries can be great for a variety of reasons, but you are going to need to complete the Main Storyline first. Once you complete the Main Storyline, you can start a series of Requests involving massive mass outbreaks of Pokemon by speaking to Warden Mai in the Obsidian Fieldlands. Once you speak to Mai she will start you on a request called “A New Anomaly.” This will open the door to the massive mass outbreaks of Pokemon.

If you head over to any area that is having a massive mass outbreak of Pokemon, Mai and her Munchlax will always spawn near the Base Camp of the given area. If you feed Mai’s Munchlax five Aguav Berries, it will reveal the species featured in all of the outbreaks on their map, including any Special or Berry Outbreaks.

Best way to farm Aguav Berries

There are not many ways that you can get Aguav Berries so when you have the chance to get some, you better gobble up the opportunity to take them.

One way you can farm Aguav Berries is to complete the Request “Help Wanted Watering the Fields.”  Completing this request will unlock the option to buy the Regular Berry Field and the Special Berry Field. The Special Berry Field is what you are going to want to buy, but it is going to cost you 20,000 Pokemon dollars in return. A fair price for harvesting Aguav Berries. However, Aguav Berries won’t be the only Berries growing in the field so you will just have to wait to see what grows, harvest everything and collect Aguav Berries as they grow in the field. Not too shabby of an investment to make.

The other way that you are able to obtain Aguav Berries would be from those Berry Outbreaks I mentioned earlier. These may show up on the map. You will specifically know if it is one of those Berry Outbreaks because there will be a little orange Berry Indicator on the map next to the Pokemon. Once you notice this little orange icon, head over to the outbreak and clear the area. By catching or defeating the Pokemon in the area of the Berry Outbreak, they will drop Aguav Berries for you. You never know exactly how many Aguav Berries you are going to get at any given time, but if you do these outbreaks as soon as you notice them, the Berries will add up fairly quickly.

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Pokemon Legends: Arceus has been out for almost four full months. I am sure that there are still lots of Pokemon that gamers are still trying to catch. You may be looking for a specific one and maybe by stocking up on Aguav Berries and feeding Mai’s Munchlax, the Pokemon you are trying to catch will be made aware to you in one of the different areas. You can never have too many Aguav Berries in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, so farm them up whenever possible!