Elden Ring: All seven secret painting locations and rewards

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If you know anything about Elden Ring, you know that there are plenty of secrets scattered throughout the Lands Between. Paintings are one of the many things that players can discover if they just do a little bit of exploration. There are a total of seven paintings hidden throughout the world just waiting to be discovered. The seven paintings that you are trying to discover will put you on a mini adventure that will surely test your patience but will grant you with some great rewards along the way.

The interesting thing about these paintings is that you are not trying to find the location that is painted on these paintings, but rather you are trying to find the location as to where the artist might have been painting the specific painting. Once you are able to find the location of the paintings, a ghost of the author will manifest at the location from which they were painted, granting a specific reward. It makes finding these paintings all the more worth it.

1. Homing Instinct Painting

If you are looking to find the Homing Instinct Painting, you can do so by visiting the Artist’s Shack located in Limgrave. Travel to here and you will find the painting itself. In order to solve the puzzle behind the painting, you will have to do a little more work.

If you travel to the Seaside Ruins in West Limgrave, this is where you are going to find the artist behind the painting. The artist is up on a cliff overlooking the Ruins in West Limgrave. If you remember the graveyard where you first began the game, you can follow the cliffs that are located to the east, and you should arrive here.

Another way you can reach the artist would be to travel to Seaside Ruins Site of Grace and travel northwest. Go past the bats and you should come across a graveyard with the artist being located to the area to the right. When you see the ghost of the artist all you have to do is walk up to them and they will drop the reward. For the Homing Instinct Painting, the reward is the Incantation Scarab. The Incantation Scarab will make it where the FP costs of incantations are slightly decreased, but in turn will increases damage taken. It is a tradeoff that some people are willing to make depending on their character build.