Elden Ring: Five overpowered items that are a must use

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2. Crystal Dart

The Crystal Dart is not a strong item by any means, but it still does possess a special effect that can come in handy against certain enemies. If enough Crystal Darts are thrown at any type of golem enemy, it will send them into a frenzy. This goes for the giant massive golems, the Fanged Imps, and it even works for the Erdtree Burial Watchdog boss battle.

If an enemy is sent into a frenzy by the Crystal Darts, they will begin to attack all enemies around them. This also includes you. You aren’t necessarily making them your ally. Instead, you are turning them against every other enemy and yourself to make it a free for all. This can be helpful if you need to buy some time when fighting these golem creatures and it is just a great Elden Ring strategy in general. They only cost 1 FP, so it barely costs you anything in the long run.

You can find certain Crystal Darts on various corpses scattered throughout the map or you can go ahead and craft Crystal Darts yourself. Crafting them are the most efficient and easiest method, but first requires you to obtain Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (11). Once you have the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (11), you can craft Crystal Darts with three Cracked Crystals. From this point forward, any golem-based creatures won’t be a problem for you to handle any longer.