Elden Ring: Five overpowered items that are a must use

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3. Ancestral Infant’s Head

The Ancestral Infant’s Head is a fun tool to use in Elden Ring and it can do lots of damage. The Ancestral Infant’s Head has A rated Intelligence scaling which is really good, and it costs 27 FP in order to use. You can scale the damage using Intelligence and this item will be able to take out bosses on their own. When this tool is used, it spawns a special blue patch of fire all along the ground. When enemies walk through the blue fire, it will deal loads of damage especially if you continue to scale the damage.

The Ancestral Infant’s Head is best to use when you are fighting in tight spaces. This way when you spawn the fire, the enemies will have no choice but to walk through it. However, this can come in handy for various different boss fights that chase after you. Place the fire on the ground and watch how much damage it truly does to them. It is definitely a tool worth checking out in Elden Ring if you haven’t done so already.

Acquiring the Ancestral Infant’s Head is going to require a little bit of work. This tool can be found in the Ancestral Woods area located in the Nokron, Eternal City. The Ancestral Infant’s Head will be located in a chest, and it will be guarded by an enemy. Defeat the enemy, open the chest, and this tool will be yours.