How to play MLB The Show 22 before its official release date

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The MLB is officially not locked out anymore.  The 2022 season will begin with opening day on April 7 and it will start the 162-game march towards October baseball. Before Opening Day, you can get your baseball fix in by playing MLB The Show 22, starting on April 5. You will be able to play MLB The Show 22 for the first time ever on Nintendo Switch but playing on a PlayStation or Xbox console will run a bit smoother given how much more powerful those consoles are.

If you have pre-ordered digitally or are waiting to get your hands on a physical copy of the game, you are less than a week from doing so. The wait is almost over. If the anticipation is killing you and you do not want to wait till April 5 to play MLB The Show 22, there are a couple ways you can play it four days early starting on April 1.

How to play MLB The Show 22 four days early

The first way to play MLB The Show 22 four days early is by purchasing the MVP edition of the video game. The MVP Edition will cost you $84.99 and is only available on PlayStation and Xbox gaming consoles. If you plan on getting MLB The Show 22 on Nintendo Switch, this first option is not going to help you play the game four days early. However, the second option that is available will allow you to play it four days early even if you have a Nintendo Switch.

Purchasing the MVP Edition for PlayStation and Xbox consoles will not only grant you access to the game four days early, but it also includes tons of in-game rewards to help give you a boost in many of the different game modes MLB The Show 22 has to offer. Given with how many additional in-game rewards you are receiving, on top of getting four days of early access, the $84.99 price tag is relatively good price.

The only other way to gain access four days early would be to purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition for $99.99. The Digital Deluxe Edition is available for Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox users. The reason why this Edition is $15 more than the MVP Edition is because you are getting more in-game rewards from this Digital Deluxe Edition. All the in-game rewards from the MVP Edition are included in the Digital Deluxe Edition except the rewards are almost doubled in the Digital Deluxe Edition. Hence why it will cost you $99.99 for the whole nine yards.

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If you are a major MLB The Show fan and like to dabble around with all the different game modes, it is worth looking into these different versions of the video game. MLB The Show 22 is almost upon us. You can either wait till April 5 or if you think either of these two versions would suit you, you can hit the fields as soon as April 1. Regardless of what MLB The Show 22 Edition that you choose, we can all agree that it is good to have baseball back for the 2022 MLB season.