Genshin Impact: Kamisato Ayato Ascension and Talents guide

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How to get  Varunada Lazurite

You’ll earn this standard Hydro Ascension gemstone by defeating Hydro bosses, like the Hydro Hypostasis. You’ll also need to get Dew of Repudiation from the Hydro Hypostasis anyway, so you should have no issues collecting enough Varunada Lazurite.

You can also craft these by converting the other Ascension gems with Dust of Azoth.

How to get Dew of Repudiation

The Hydro Hypostasis drops Dew of Repudiation. The fight goes just like other Hypostasis, but this one can hit quite hard. When it’s close to defeat, it’ll dive into the ground and summon three large droplets that slowly approach it. If it meets any of them, it’ll heal itself. It only gets three droplets per fight.

Bring a Pyro or Cryo attacker to take down the droplets as fast as possible.

How to get Old Handguard, Kageuchi Handguard, Famed Handguard

These are dropped by the wandering Samurai enemies that are extremely common throughout Inazuma. Because they’re so common, they’re a little stingy on drops. Even the elite enemies don’t drop more than a single Handguard often, so be sure to hunt the Samurai for sport when you see them.

How to get Teachings of Elegance, Guide to Elegance, Philosophies of Elegance

Ayato’s Talent materials are obtained at Violet Court, south of Amakane Island. The domain gives a bonus to Electro DMG. You’ll be fighting hoards of easy mobs like Hilichurls on the first challenge level, and then two Kairagi and Treasure Hoarders later on.

Damage the Kairagi evenly and try to take them both out at the same time. When one falls, the other will heal itself.

How to get Sakura Bloom

Sakura Bloom can be found all over Inazuma. They’ll take the form of a cloud of petals, but applying some Electro to them will allow you to pick them up.

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How to get Mudra of the Malefic General

Mudra of the Malefic General is one of three drops you can get by fighting the Weekly Boss Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto (the puppet Shogun). To unlock this fight, you first must complete the second chapter of Raiden Shogun’s story.

The Shogun hits fast and hard, and requires some specific characters on your team to deal with. You need an Electro character to block her instant-kill Final Calamity attack, and characters who can quickly deal Elemental damage are invaluable. Pyro and Cryo are particularly strong here.

She’ll charge up her Fury when she lands hits on you. When it’s full, she unleashes her Baleful Shadowlord form that has massive damage resistance. Hit her with Elemental reactions to break through. She’ll be stunned after you break down her Shadowlord form, which is your opportunity to go all out.

How to get Crown of Insight

The very rare Crown of Insight is only available as a reward for completing events. You’ll need one to max out just one of a character’s Talents, but there are a limited amount of them. For more information about Crown of Insight, check out our in-depth look here.