Genshin Impact: Where to get the Crown of Insight

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Crown of Insight is an extremely rare upgrade material that you need in order to max out a character’s talent in Genshin Impact. You can only get them during limited-time events, and you’ll need to wisely choose when to use them. Here’s everything you need to know about the Crown of Insight Genshin Impact item.

A Crown of Insight is needed to fully upgrade a character’s talent to level 10. They’re given out during limited-time events, like the current Windblume Festival.

Genshin Impact: Where to get the Crown of Insight

The catch is that each event can only reward one Crown of Insight. This means that if you haven’t been completing the limited events as they come, you’ll have missed those valuable Crown of Insights. Windblume marks the fifth Crown of Insight that could have been obtained this way.

There’s currently one non-event way to get a Crown of Insight. In Dragonspine, collecting Crimson Agate to offer the Frostbearing Tree will reward a Crown of Insight at the 11th stage.

Every character talent in the game needs to use a Crown of Insight to reach level 10, not counting any boosts from Constellations or from Tartaglia’s passive ability. You’ll have to pick and choose which talents to prioritize, as you could have only obtained up to six Crowns.

Which talents should you prioritize? If you have a main character that you like to use, feel free to max all of the talents on them. You can do this to two characters, but I recommend picking and choosing which talents to prioritize based on what characters you have and what roles they serve.

For example, Venti is used primarily for his amazing Elemental Burst. You don’t often need him to use his normal attack or his Skill, so a Crown would be suited well for him. DPS characters like Kaeya, Diluc or Keqing could use the Crown on any of their talents. Barbara’s normal attack is pretty useless, so a Crown is best served for her Skill or Burst talents.

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